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Nuisance Wildlife Prevention

Prevention: We often perform preventative work to keep out wild animals. Take for example the photos to the right:

Barrel Tile Roof: If your house has Spanish Barrel Tiles, it's probably got a lot of gaps through which animals can enter. Sometimes they just live under the tiles, but usually they crawl along and find an open gap into the attic. We bolt in steel screen over these holes to keep the animals out.

Roof Lines / Soffits: Many homes have soffits that meet up against the roof. This is a classic wildlife entry point. We find these areas and seal them shut - we make sure that the soffits are secured down to the roof, something no roofers do. In the case to the right, we had to install a steel screen along the edge of a very low soffit that animals were using for entry.

Elevated Homes: If you have an elevated home with a crawlspace beneath, you can bet that it's an animal magnet. Many such homes have concrete block around the perimeter, with some vent holes. However, many homes, such as the one to the right, are wide open. Not only do large animals such as raccoons, opossums, armadillos, and stray cats (sometimes dogs) love to live under such areas, they often find holes under the house - such as where the bathtub drain or other pipes go through - and will crawl up into the walls and attic of the house. And of course rats are experts at finding such holes. We install a heavy steel screen, around the entire perimeter of the house, deep into the ground in order to keep wildlife out.

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of types of preventative repairs and measures that we take in order to prevent your house from having a wildlife invasion.

Tips For Wildlife Prevention:
  • Seal All Open Gaps and Holes Into the House or Roof
  • Install Heavy-Duty Steel Screen on Roof and Gable Vents
  • Screen Off Gaps Around Perimeter of Barrel Tile Roofs
  • Install Steel Screen Exclusion Barriers Around Raised Homes
  • Block Off Openings Leading to Porches or Raised Decks
  • Seal the Bottoms of AC Chase/Holes Where AC Lines Enter House
  • Don't Leave Pet Food or Bird Seed Outside
  • Fix Any Rips or Tears in Your Lenai Pool Screen
  • Secure Your Garbage Can Lids, and Don't Leave Food Outside
  • Clear Excess Debris From the Yard - Rats and Snakes Love It
  • If You Have Fruit Trees, Pick Up Fallen Fruit
  • Trim Back Trees and Landscaping Next to the Roof
  • If You've Had Animals In Your Attic, Get it Deodorized
Many of the above tips will help prevent wildlife problems. I commonly deal with nuisance wildlife that have invaded a property because the homeowner has left something attractive for the animals. This often means open garbage cans or pet food. If you leave uneaten dog or cat food outside, rest assured, raccoons and opossums and rats will find it, and they will return again and again. If you've got a swimming pool with a shallow step, you can bet that raccoons will enter the pool to wash and poop. Make sure your pool has an intact screen around it! If you've got fruit trees, especially citrus trees, you can bet that animals will eat the fallen fruit - rats love it! In fact, in the state of Florida many people refer to the Roof Rat (rattus rattus) as the Citrus Rat. And those bushes or trees next to the home - they make an easy path for animals to climb onto your roof, where they find open vents and other areas to enter your attic. A lot of wildlife are arboreal - they relate to trees - so it's an easy step from the tree they're living in to your roof. However, when it comes to wildlife prevention, nothing is more important than making sure that your home is 100% sealed against critter entry. This means finding and sealing, with steel, all of the holes and gaps and openings in the home that animals can use to get into the architecture. If you've got an animal problem, we'll catch and remove them all, and make sure that the house is 100% sealed against any future entry. As usual, prevention is the best cure.

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