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What are some humane ways to kill a wild animal in a cage?

We don’t normally think of killing as a humane option to anything. By its very definition, killing of any kind seems to be the least humane thing that a person could do it doesn’t matter whether you are talking about killing a convicted murderer or ending the life of some wild creature that keeps coming on to your land, the humane option never seems to be the one where death is the final outcome.

That is at least a thought process. The truth is that there are instances where death is the most viable option available to you, and you can do things that can terminate the life of that greater in a much more humane way. It may not be completely humane, but it affords the animal the least amount of suffering that it will endure before its life is brought to an end. If you are looking for some humane ways to kill a wild animal that you have captured in a cage, then here are some suggestions for you.

The most obvious of these is to simply use a poison. It doesn’t matter what kind of critter that you are talking about, if you buy some kinds of commercial pesticides that are specifically geared for that animal, you can likely and its life in just a few minutes by giving it the poison. Most of these poisons come in some kind of cube that has food or flavorings to it that make it enticing for the animal to eat, so you know it will ingest it and die moments later.

That is one option that is available to you, but not one that everyone wants to try. Some poisons and take an extended period of time before the animal will die, and they don’t want to see that kind of suffering go on.

Other options that you can employ require you to get a little more personal about terminating the animal’s life. Two ways that you can do this are by either shooting the animal or by stabbing it. You can take in life and push it through the animal’s brain or heart so that it dies almost instantaneously. The same can be true about using a gun. If you shoot the animal in the head or in the heart, you can be sure that moments later it will die. These options may be a bit messier, but they will do the trick if you want them to.

Some opt for a choice that takes a little longer for the animal to die, but may be the most humane of all. If you give the animal something that will cause it to go to sleep, and there are commercial product that you can buy that will work on this, you can then use some kind of means to suffocate the animal. Placing a plastic bag around the cage so that air will not get in is one option. The animal doesn’t suffer because is already asleep and simply passes on. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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