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Residential Services
We have serviced several thousand homes in the greater Orlando area. We take great pride in our work, and we dedicate ourselves to an extremely high level of customer service. We care about your property and family. We make sure to solve the problem correctly - we not only remove the wildlife from your home, but we do everything to make sure that we've provided a complete solution. We repair the damage that the animals have caused, and we identify and seal off all of the entry points into the house, so that it is permanently critter-proofed. If necessary, we clean up animal waste that is left behind in order to protect your home against fungus or zoonotic diseases. We operate a full-service nuisance wildlife pest control business in Orlando Florida, focusing on protecting people's homes. We deal strictly with vertebrates - mammals and reptiles. We do not handle insects, such as cockroaches, termites, or ants. We do not handle bee hives, nor spiders. We practice humane removal of animals such as squirrels, raccoons, opossums, snakes, and the like.

We specialize in resolving conflicts between people and wild animals in and around their homes. The most common types of scenarios we deal with:
  • Scurrying/thumping noises in the attic of a home (it's wildlife living in the attic, such as raccoons or rats)
  • Scratching noises in the walls of a home (it's probably a rodent, maybe a trapped baby raccoon or squirrel)
  • Terrible odor somewhere in the house (it's a dead animal carcass somewhere in or below the structure)
  • Digging in the yard or next to the house (it's either mole or armadillo activity, maybe even raccoon)
  • Pet food being stolen or dogs going crazy (this is probably the activity of raccoons or opossums)
  • Infestation of bats or birds in a building (this is often complex work that I specialize and excel in)
  • Wildlife emergencies (such as a snake in the home, a raccoon stuck in a garbage can, and so on)
WILDLIFE: Wildlife is what we do. We are a nuisance wildlife and animal control company in Orlando. We handle conflicts and problems with wild mammals and reptiles. The common animals that we deal with are pictured on the navigation bar to left, and include raccoons, squirrels, opossums, armadillos, rats, bats, and snakes. These larger vertebrates are our sole focus. We specifically target these pest animals and deal with them in the proper professional manner - we humanely trap and remove the problem animals and safely relocate them. We identify their entry points into homes and buildings, and seal up those areas, with a guarantee on our work. We repair animal damage and remedy the biohazard they can cause. We do not simply spray poison or sign customers up to monthly contracts. We, I keep saying we. I mean I. I do all the work myself, and when you call, you will talk to me, not a clueless secretary. I do the work, not a lazy and careless employee. The job gets done right.

RATS & MICE: Rats and mice are of course mammals, and an animal that I specialize in. It's the most common animal that I deal with here in central Florida. Rats are everywhere. They are expert chewers, they love to live in attics, and they are commensal (generally live in conjunction with people). Of course it's not a symbiotic relationship. Rats are destructive to people. They chew on wood and wires and insulation. They contaminate food and cause a biohazard in the attic. Most people simply don't like the noise they hear in the attic as rats run around. There are no mice in the Orlando area (Mickey joke here?) at least none that I've ever seen in several years of operation. All mice calls are sightings of juvenile Roof Rats. People somehow think of mice as "nicer" than rats. Give me a call, and I'll solve your rat problem as well as it can be done. No company will do a better job than me. Don't hire a traditional poison-spreading Orlando pest control company for your rat control needs. They will not solve your problem for you. Please visit for more rat information.

DOGS & CATS: I do not handle dogs or cats. Dog and cat issues and complaints are handled by the good old Monday - Friday 9-5 County Animal Services for free. Do not call me about dog or cat issues. In Orlando, call 407.836.3111

BATS: Bats are of course mammals as well, and my area of top expertise. I offer pest bat control and removal services for the entire state of Florida, including bat removal in Orlando, Tampa bat control, Miami, Jacksonville, Sarasota, and more. This is yet another field that absolutely requires a specialist, and not a regular pest control company that specializes in...

INSECTS: the specialty of the poison spraying pest control business in Orlando. If you have insect problems, and want a company to spray poison on your yard or home to eliminate them, call a regular Orlando pest control company. They handle the cockroaches, termites, fire ants, etc. I do not. Call: 407.816.3800

SPIDERS: Spiders are arachnids. They are usually isolated animals, unlike the colonizing insects mentioned above. Very few spiders are a threat to people, but of course many people have arachnophobia. Here is my page dedicated to a Brown Widow Spider (latrodectus geometricus) that I caught. I personally would not recommend hiring the services of any pest control company for the removal and extermination of spiders, but if you must do so, call: 407.816.3800

I never realized how rare it is to find a knowledgeable and skilled service professional until I tried to find some for myself. For example, I needed an Orlando plumber, and and cracked open the phone book yellow pages. I had to call over ten places before I even got a person on the line who knew anything about plumbing. The rest were either no-answers or answering machines or secretaries who only knew how to schedule an appointment next Thursday from 10 AM - 5 PM. Ugg. The guy I finally did get on the line sounded like he had a 5th grade level education. I'm not going to go into the details of how many plumbers it took to actually solve my problem, how dumb, inarticulate, and dirty they were, how sloppy they were in my house, how unprofessional they were, nor the outrageous rates they charged, but come on! I thought that businesses would be run the same way I run mine. I carry and answer my phone myself, 24/7. I listen to you and discuss the problem carefully over the phone. I schedule an exact time to meet you, around YOUR schedule, usually same day, and work every evening, and every Saturday and Sunday. I show up on time, neat and pleasant as can be, and do an incredibly fantastic job at a very fair price. I have an upper level college education, and if you need me, I'm there. Rant, rant rant, brag brag etc. The point is that I never realized how crummy the service industry is in general. The stereotype of the alcoholic serviceman who dropped out of high school and shows up three hours late his butt-crack hanging out is uncannily accurate for a lot of these guys. I'm beginning to think it's unique for a grade-A Notre Dame grad to be crawling under houses to retrieve dead opossums. The preceeding paragraph was written in direct response to my recent trials with plumbers, and frustration over the fact that these knuckleheads charged far more than I ever have.

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