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Wildlife Control Photos - Picture Gallery

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 RACCOONS - Click here for the full raccoon photo gallery.
A Florida raccoon in a Havahart trap. I removed these juveniles from an attic. Removing little raccoons inside an attic. One of my first Florida raccoon catches.

 OPOSSUMS - Click here for the full opossum photo gallery.
Opossums have prehensile tails. A female opossum and her young. This little opossum is no threat to bite. The fearsome opossum has 50 teeth.

 SNAKES - Click here for the full snake photo gallery.
Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Cottonmouth a.k.a. Water Moccassin Eastern Coral Snake Corn Snake a.k.a. Red Rat Snake

 ARMADILLOS - Click here for the full armadillo photo gallery.
Small armadillo caught by hand. Armadillo caught in a cage trap. Two dillos removed from one hole. Armadillo digging for earthworms.

 SQUIRRELS - Click here for the full squirrel photo gallery.
Five squirrels caught in humane traps. A young squirrel on a rope. Three squirrels in one trap. Baby squirrels in my hands.

 BATS - Click here for the full bat photo gallery.
A huge swarm of Free-Tail bats. Hold it gently! This is an Evening Bat. Closeup shot of the Evening Bat. An colony of bats in an attic.

 BIRDS - Click here for the full bird photo gallery.
Pigeons roosting at a car dealership. Pigeon trapping at a water park. Bird removal from inside a house. Removal of a hawk from a retail store.

 RATS - Click here for the full rat photo gallery.
Rats trapping in an attic - my specialty. Coming out of an attic with a trapped rat. Seven big ones from this attic. This attic was loaded with rats.

 DEAD ANIMALS - Click here for the full dead animal photo gallery.
I had to pry up attic floorboards for this dead opossum. I removed this dead raccoon from inside the air handler! This is your standard dead squirrel in the attic removal. This is a regular dead rat removal from an attic.

 OTHER WILDLIFE - Click here for the full photo gallery of other wildlife.
This is a small American Alligator This is a Florida Red Fox This is a Florida Bobcat This is a Gopher Tortoise

 OTHER PHOTO GALLERIES - Amphibian Photos - Insect Photos - Spider Photos

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