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Bat Exclusion Project in Kissimmee. A huge colony of bats at a hotel. A giant group of bats in a tile roof. These bats got stuck inside a house!

Hold it gently! This is an Evening Bat. Closeup shot of the Evening Bat. This baby Evening Bat is 5 weeks old. An Evening Bat hangs from a tree.

A Brazilian Free-Tail Bat. Also known as the Mexican Freetail. This one landed on a car windshield. Here's one attacking my neck - rabies.

It's hard to get in-flight photos like this. A freetail bat flying in an attic. Here's a couple coming out of an attic. Here they are, lining up, ready to fly out.

A giant bat colony living in an attic. Bats are carnivores, but not aggressive. Part of a smaller group of bats. Bats love to live in barrel tile roofs.

For bat removal in the state of Florida call 407-538-1694. If you live elsewhere, click for the National Directory of Trappers

I operate a professional wildlife removal business in Orlando Florida. It is not a pest control or extermination company, nor is it the county animal control. It is a privately owned nuisance critter and wildlife control business. I have done hundreds of bat projects over the years. These are some of the photos that I've taken in the field. Bats are often tricky to photograph, especially on the wing, because they are so fast. I consider bat control my specialty, so give me a call if you want me to photograph (and remove) the bats in your building.

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