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Bat removal project in Tampa. Bat removal project in Miami. This is a hotel - a bat hotel. A cluster of bats in a building.

Sometimes you have to use a 40' ladder. In order to reach the tiles and the bats. Sometimes you have to use a 60' lift. Bats live in the hard-to-reach spots.

A big group of Mexican Free-Tail bats. More bats in a condominium. Bats rarely expose themselves like this. They usually crawl under the roof tiles.

I needed a 100' boom lift at this condo. I don't mind working from high areas. I had to work on the top towers of this place. I had to put netting over the entire tower.

Please do not try to kill bats. Be sure to clean up bat guano. Bat droppings can accumulate in an attic Sometimes it's best to replace the insulation.

Here I am, hanging off a 3-story roof. Bats love to live underneath the tiles. Bat skeletons from an old colony.

For bat removal in the state of Florida call 407-538-1694. If you live elsewhere, click for the National Directory of Trappers

I operate a professional wildlife removal business in Orlando Florida. It is not a pest control or extermination company, nor is it the county animal control. It is a privately owned nuisance critter and wildlife control business. I have done hundreds of bat projects over the years. These are some of the photos that I've taken in the field. Bats are often tricky to photograph, especially on the wing, because they are so fast.

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