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Many casual people don't think of birds as pests. However, if you own a commercial building plagued by a bird problem, you know just what a pest they can be. The primary problem is that they leave their droppings everywhere. They also pose a biohazard, often in public places. I've worked on many commercial buildings, often open-air gas stations or car repair shops, in which pigeons have really befouled the place. They also love to roost on signs at shopping plazas, and they sure make a real mess of your sidewalk. They can also be noisy and unsightly, and lower the cleanliness and value of your property. To the right you will see a photo of pigeons that I captured on the roof of a commercial property with an overabundance of pigeons. They were pooping everywhere, and the property owners and customers of the facility didn't like them one bit, so I removed them. I've written a general page of how to get rid of pigeons tactics.

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Pigeons are probably the most common nuisance bird. Everyone knows that pigeons have adapted to life in the city, and they seem to be everywhere in urban environments. Unfortunately, the bird lovers of the world feed them, and they have developed a dependence upon people, thus reinforcing their dependency upon urban areas. They roost on signs, ledges, almost anywhere, and they bring nesting material and leave droppings everywhere. Pigeons are swimming with filth and disease, as everyone knows. Pigeons can carry or transmit: encephalitis, histoplasmosis, Newcastle disease, pigeon ornithosis, cryptococcosis, pigeon coccidiosis, toxoplasmosis, pseudo-tuberculosis, and salmonella food poisoning. Pigeons can carry fleas, ticks, mites, and other parasites. I have good pages about how to keep pigeons away (prevention methods), and also how to kill pigeons.

Sparrows and Starlings often choose to nest in buildings. They can be a nuisance in numbers, and bring along quite a bit of nesting material, which in the right (wrong) spot can lead to fire hazard or clogged drain pipes. The uric acid in their droppings can lead to structural damage' and also pose a health risk. They can carry a number of parasites, like all birds. I usually don't have to deal with these birds, but Florida nuisance pest licenses authorize bird control of these species. Read more on my how to get rid of starlings page.

Woodpeckers cause problems from time to time when they hammer a hole in your wood-sided house. I certainly won't kill or harm these fine birds, but I know you don't want them hammering holes in your house. I've worked on several woodpecker jobs. I basically hang a giant net, extruded a foot or so from the wall of your house, to prevent them from landing and drumming. They usually peck for insects, but often pound away as a territorial signal. I've been to a few homes in which woodpeckers have pecked holes and made permanent nests inside. The pounding can be a real headache, and I can remove, while not harming the bird(s). Read more on my how to get rid of woodpeckers page.

Chimney Swifts: These unique and wonderful birds often fly down chimneys to roost and build nests. The bird snatches twigs on the wing and uses a special saliva to build the nest and affix it to the wall of the chimney. She lays her eggs, and when they hatch, the babies are incredibly loud. So sometimes I get called out for the noise in the chimney flu, but I try to tell people to leave the birds be.

Sometimes a bird will get stuck in a large building, like a store, or a warehouse. Call me for bird control, and I'll get it out safely!

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The Different Types Of Pigeon Exclusion Devices
The simplest means of dealing with pigeons is to create an inhospitable environment for them to land on. There are different types of exclusion devices available that will aid in keeping pigeons from making your home their home. To help prevent the pigeons return once they have moved on you can do such things as boarding or covering up any area where they can gain access such as vents and eaves. This can be done with wire mesh, sheet metal, wood, or any other material that will keep them from entering inside. It is also best not to feed pigeons ever; once you have done this you have lost the battle. If these birds are persistent you will need to stop all bird feeding for a few weeks until the pigeons leave.

Different Pigeon Spike Deterrents
There are many commercially available bird spikes that consist of metal spikes attached to a metal base which can be attached to a roof line where the birds roost. These spikes act like a poking fence line that does not harm the pigeons. There are also spikes that are blunt and made from a rigid UV resistant polycarbonate that are very effective. The spikes are also made for girders and gutters if needed. A spike strip that is good for windowsills, signs, statues, and trusses that are less visible to the overall structure is the Dense Transparent Needle Strips. The strips are flexible and mount on curved or flat areas and the shafts have branches so that it will cover a larger area.

Using Bird Netting As A Repellent
Netting is a very effective way of excluding pigeons from a building. This can be done on garages, warehouses, loading docks, attics and anything that has an exposed entrance. The netting is made of a mesh polyethylene fabric or from knotted polyethylene twine that is invisible when installed. It is UV resistant and flame resistant. The netting will not rot and is waterproof.

Landing On A Flat Surface
Pigeons like to land on solid flat surfaces so when the structure is changed the birds have a difficult time adjusting. There are a couple of things that can be done to change the area such as adding a slope to the roof line of sixty degrees. Another tactic is to create a flat out effect by using flat PVC panels. The Pigeons have a hard time landing on the slippery surface and simply slip right off. These are great for eaves and ledges and are easily attached. They are made of polycarbonate and come in several colors to match the different building colors.

Pigeon Repellents Available
There is a sticky substance that these birds have which is called Bird Gel or Bird Proof. The application is put on with a caulk gun and has immediate effects since the birds do not the feel of the substance. It is non-toxic and will not harm the pigeons. Bird Gel works in any weather and on any material and last for a year. There are enough options that all you’ll need to do is look at the choices and make the decision about which will best for your needs. What will be easy to install and what you think will provide the quickest and safest answer and then your home will be pigeon free.

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