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How To Kill Pigeons With Rice or Alka Seltzer

It is well known that the pigeon population has grown to uncontrollable numbers and deterring their roosting on buildings have become a growing concern. Pigeons are smart birds and often quite dependent on humans for survival. They will live in close proximity to people for their food source, as well as take up residence within the buildings that house people. These birds like to be high up so it is most likely that they will be found on roofs, courtyards, beams, and ledges. There are over sixty diseases carried by the pigeon and their excretions. This means that where there is a heavy infestation of birds, cleaning up is as important as getting them to move.

RICE: Some people believe that you can use rice to kill pigeons. But it has to be DRY rice. The idea here is that dried rice expands considerably once it's exposed to liquid. So if a pigeon eats a lot of dried rice, there's not enough room in the stomach, or gizzard, and the pigeon could literally burst! But this is a MYTH. C'mon now. Haven't you seen that little Japanese dude Takeru Kobayashe eat over 50 hot dogs with buns? Stomachs can expand quite a bit. Animals throw up when they're too full to handle it. Birds are experts at regurgitating, if you haven't noticed! So no, you can't kill pigeons with rice.

ALKA SELTZER: Same sort of deal. The idea is that the alka seltzer will cause a lot of gas and make the pigeon explode. C'mon. Animals don't work that way. They have mechanisms that allow them to survive. In this case, it's called "burping". Yes, pigeons will burp out the gas. So no, you can't kill pigeons with alka seltzer.

Okay then, how do kill pigeons? The best way is to shoot them! A high-powered air rifle, like 1000 FPS, is a great way to do it. There are other firearm options as well, but the air rifle is legal in residential areas, and pretty safe to use indoors, if that's where the pigeons are roosting. There are probably some pigeon poisons, but I just think that's a lousy way to try to deal with a pigeon problem. The real best way is to install deterrents that prevent them from landing in the area you don't want them, such as needle strips, netting, or shock track.

Click any of the below photos for a larger high-resolution version:

Pigeons roosting at a gas station

Here are some pigeons I caught in a trap

Before and after. Needle strips work

I caught this pigeon coming out of an attic

Is It Illegal To Poison Pigeons - A lot of people can get so frustrated with a pigeon problem that they may be left wondering if it is illegal to poison pigeons. The true answer is that it depends. Your city or state may have laws in the books that see pigeon poisoning as animal cruelty but some do not. However you should know that pigeon poisoning can cause additional problems to other people and wildlife in the area. A poisoned pigeon for example may be eaten by a household pet or by other scavenging wildlife and that may in turn kill an unintended animal. Using poison to kill pigeons in greater numbers can also cause a waste of public money because when several birds die there is a need to find the cause. That kind of situation has happened before and due to the fear of disease, the birds need to be examined to rule out spreading agents. If you are still asking if “is it illegal to poison pigeons?” then you may be better served looking for wildlife control. They will be able to reduce the number of pigeons and to give you a more permanent solution. They can help answer your questions on whether or not poisoning is legal and if you have other options.

How To Get Rid Of Dead Pigeon Smell - One of the bigger problems when you have pigeons on your property is that they can die inside. Although a dead pigeon is not as common as other types of pests it can smell as bad as any other critter would. Getting rid of the smell involves two things: finding the source and clean up. The first step when learning how to get rid of dead pigeon smell is to locate the pigeon. If the bird is somewhere in a room, but not on the wall then the process should be simple. For birds that died trapped in a wall on the other hand you will need to make a hole in the wall. Once you found the dead bird dispose it by wearing rubber gloves and a breathing mask for comfort and to avoid breathing in bacteria. Place the dead bird inside a couple of plastic bags to seal in the smell and dispose it. You are not done yet, you now have to clean the spot where the bird was. To do that use a brush and bleach. Scrub the area for a couple of minutes with a generous amount of bleach to ensure that the area is clean and the smell should be gone.

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