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Wildlife Control Guarantee

Guarantee Info: At 24/7 Wildlife, we stand behind our wildlife control work. When we perform wildlife removal services at your home or business, it is our goal to solve the problem permanently. We don't just trap a few animals and call it a job. We solve the root of the problem - we identify the causes for the animal problem and fix those as well. For example, if you have animals in the attic, the job is not completed simply by trapping and removing the animals. We inspect every square inch of the home and identify all of the areas that animals can use to enter the home. We fix all of the open holes and seal shut all of the areas wildlife can use to gain access to your house or building. We also eliminate other factors that contribute to wildlife problems. For example, if you've had wildlife living inside your building, it has left a scent behind that can attract new wildlife. Rodents are notorious for following the pheromone scent of others of its own kind, and will work hard, chewing open areas to gain gain access to the scent. We wipe out the odor so that this doesn't happen. We don't get repeat business in our line of work, because we do the job once, and we do it right. If any wildlife are able to get past our repairs and thus gain access to your home or building after we have performed wildlife services, we will return and solve the problem free of charge.

Our company really is different.
We run a unique and special operation. Our specialty service focuses only on wildlife - situations such as raccoons or squirrels in the attic, a snake in the pool, an armadillo digging under the house, and so on. We are just a small company, operated by the owners, all college educated wildlife specialists. We take great pride in our work, and we enjoy what we do. 24/7 Wildlife is not a regular pest control or extermination company, nor is it a huge conglomerate or franchise company - it is a small, 3-person, owner-operated company. When you call us, you'll talk to me - not some ignorant answering service. I'll understand your wildlife problem right away from your description, and I'll know what must be done to solve it. I'll be able to give you an accurate price quote over the phone (and my prices are by far the most reasonable in the industry - that's why I dare post them on my website like this) and either myself or one of my partners who I've helped train will come to your home on time, usually the same day as your call. We literally do work 24-7. Animal problems can happen at any time. Don't be afraid to call us on a Sunday night! We have to work seven days a week - if an animal is caught in a trap on a Sunday, we can't just leave it sit in a trap all day! We have to address wildlife issues when they happen, and animals don't take weekends or holidays off. We will be attentive during the entire wildlife removal process, and if you ever have any questions or concerns, we will answer them 24-7. As with any industry, there's good companies, that do quality and honest work, and there's lousy companies that do shoddy or lazy work, or worse, engage in unethical business practices - I've seen it far too often to tell. There really is a difference! If you need professional wild animal control in the Greater Orlando or Central Florida area, give us a call with confidence.

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