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Gregg is the primary owner/operator of 247 Wildlife in Orlando. He was raised on a horse farm and spent his youth and early adulthood in the woods and developed a great love of animals and all things outdoors. He has a superb understanding of animal behavior and through years of ranch work honed his skills in carpentry and the types of repairs necessary for exclusion and wildlife control work. Gregg is college educated and his professional skills include: land surveying, time in the jungles of Panama and the deserts of the Middle East as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division, a stint in Alaska in the commercial salmon fishing fleet, and the bulk of his career in upper management in two multi-million dollar corporations. He comes from an art background and applies those aesthetics and skills to his repair work. He has trained under the most highly regarded wildlife operators in the nation. His entire life experience has led him to this point and he feels there is no better a career on the planet than one that helps people solve their nuisance wildlife concerns.
Kris trained with David for a long time before starting nuisance wildlife control work in the field. He is highly skilled at identifying animal damage and in solving wildlife problems. He is an expert at home repairs, wildlife prevention, and attic cleanup. He specializes in rodent control, such as the removal of rats and squirrels from buildings, and is also one of the top armadillo control experts in the state. He works with an extremely high level of integrity and shows great respect for both customers and wildlife. He is thrilled to work in the field of nuisance wildlife control, and can often be seen wrestling with his pet bulldog, Bella. Watch out if he enters your home, because he'll charm the coldest customer, and catch the craftiest coon!
I, David, graduated in 1999 with a degree from The University of Notre Dame. I always knew that I would run my own business, and I've always loved catching (and releasing) critters. I realized that I could merge my love of wildlife and the outdoors with my desire to operate an exciting business, and I entered the field of nuisance wildlife control in 2001, and started 247 Wildlife. I had the wonderful opportunity to train extensively for almost two years with an expert in the field. I struck it out on my own, and I continue to learn each day.
  • Member: Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators of America
  • Member: Florida Wildlife Control Association

  • I love running my own business      

  • I enjoy helping people

  • I enjoy solving problems

  • I love wildlife and nature

  • I also love fishing!

Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator Philosophy:

  • We know that people usually appreciate wildlife, just not in their homes.

  • All NWCO's should inform and educate people regarding wildlife issues.

  • A good NWCO will make sure that the job is peformed correctly, from start to finish. This means not just trapping, but damage repairs, exclusion barriers, biohazard cleanup, and more.

  • All customers should be treated with friendliness, courtesy, and respect.

  • Animals should also be treated with respect and as humanely as possible.
I deal with Orlando wildlife on a daily basis. The most common animals that I deal with are raccoons, opossums, squirrels, rats, armadillos, snakes, and bats. Orlando has an abundance of raccoons. When I first moved here, I was amazed to see them simply crossing back and forth across the street at night. The downtown area is full of them. Raccoon population densities are higher in urban areas than in rural areas, although raccoons appear to be everywhere. They often break into people's homes and attics. Female raccoons often seek out an attic as a choice nesting area. Raccoons also raid garbage cans, steal pet food, and break into pool areas and defecate in the water, among other problems. Opossums exhibit many similar behaviors. Females often choose to nest inside attics and buildings, and these scavengers often eat garbage and cat or dog food. Squirrels are one of the nation's most common nuisance animals, and Orlando is no exception. These determined rodents will chew their way into homes in order to nest in attics. Rats also love to live in the walls and attics of homes. They are much sneakier than squirrels, they can enter through the smallest of gaps, and rats are everywhere in Florida. They may be the single most common animal that I deal with. Armadillos are of course unique to southern states. They are very common in Florida, but often more abundant on the outer reaches of Orlando, toward Oviedo or Longwood. They're not so common in downtown Orlando. Wherever they live, they sure love to dig, usually right under your house. Florida is full of snakes - I've read that there's 45 species. So far, I've only caught about 25 different species, but the list is growing. There's only four venomous snakes in the Orlando area, and people make too much of a big deal about them. For the most part, snakes are harmless creatures. Orlando also has many bats, and I consider bat control my area of expertise. Most of the colonizing bats in central Florida will be Free Tail Bats or Evening Bats. Either way, I'll carefully remove them from buildings without causing them any harm. Please navigate through my site in order to learn more about what I do and more about Orlando wildlife. If you don't live in Orlando, check out the wildlife control businesses in these cities: Portland | Seattle | Chicago | Austin, TX | Phoenix | Houston | Dallas | Denver | Atlanta | Long Island | Los Angeles | San Diego | Sacramento | Baltimore | Minneapolis | Tucson | Charlotte | San Antonio | Philadelphia | Indianapolis | Boston | New Jersey

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