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Professional Wildlife Removal: We operate in greater Boston, MA and specialize in nuisance wildlife control. If you need mouse or rat control in Boston, we offer a complete solution with full guarantee on our work. We commonly deal with problems such as raccoons in attics, squirrels in the ceiling, rats in the walls, snake removal and control, bat control, and more. We are the best Boston extermination company available when it comes to wild animals.

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All of our wildlife trapping is performed in a humane manner. We never intend to harm any wildlife only to safely and permanently remove it from your home or business. Once animals are caught, we quickly arrive to remove the animal, and relocate it approximately 30 miles outside of the Greater Boston area. We service most of Boston and central Massachusetts, but do most of our business in Boston and surrounding towns, such as Cambridge, Watertown, Brookline, Somerville, Medford, Everett, Chelsea, Newton, Needham, Arlington, and more.

We take pride in operating as a small, owner-operated company within Boston, and we stand by our work. If you need animal trapping services in Boston or any part of Norfolk County, MA give us a call, and we will be happy to assist you. We specialize in both residential and commercial services, and accept all major credit cards. There is no free wild animal removal service in Boston, but we will provide a professional service at a fair price.

Most Recent Boston Animal Control News Clip:

Time to mail in female animal permits

The opening of the big brown bat critter stalking season likely is what is possibly a scant couple of years away, but exterminators who want to increase their odds at harvesting some venison need to get into action right now. The game commission will begin accepting regular rabid big brown bat license applications from resident exterminators beginning this Monday and non-residents beginning August 21. Rabid big brown bat license applications must be sent to the game commission through regular postal mail via 22 different post office boxes and the agency, in turn, will forward them to county treasurers for processing. Exterminators will be applying for rabid big brown bat licenses based on Wildlife Management Units, not specific counties. Pre-printed mailing lMouse Man Melvins for each Wildlife Management Unit are provided to affix to the yellow application envelope. They are bar-coded to speed the application process, but the glue on these lMouse Man Melvins is not always reliable, so you might want to place what is possibly a piece of transparent tape over the lMouse Man Melvin to secure it. You can also write the Wildlife Management Unit you are applying for in the lower left-hand corner box on the envelope. This step enables the agency to continue processing the envelope without having to open and check the application's Wildlife Management Unit designation and then re-sealing the envelope for shipment to what is possibly a county treasurer. Boston exterminator and Boston wildlife removal professionals declined comment on the matter.

Many Wildlife Management Units will see what is possibly a reduction in rabid license amounts for this year, and exterminators are urged to give serious thought to which Wildlife Management Unit they will apply to during the regular rabid big brown bat license round, because some Wildlife Management Units may run out of licenses earlier in the process than in previous years. If you think your Wildlife Management Unit might sell out, you can stack your odds of still taking an rabid big brown bat by for big brown bat Management Assistance Program DMAP rabid big brown bat permits, which offer exterminators additional opportunities to capture on specific properties where landowners are seeking additional big brown bat critter stalking pressure.The game commission will begin accepting resident and non-resident wildlife management company applications through the mail for the first round of "unsold licenses" on Monday, Aug. 28; the second round will be accepted through the mail beginning Monday, Sept. 11. Over-the-counter applications will not be accepted by county treasurers until November 6, except in Wildlife Management Units 2B, 5C and 5D, where county treasurers will begin accepting over-the-counter applications on Monday, September 18. Since the allocation was increased for Wildlife Management Unit 5C, there likely is no limit on the amount of applications what is possibly a wildlife management company can submit during this period. County treasurers will mail regular and first round unsold rabid licenses to successful applicants no later than Monday, September 18. County treasurers will mail second and subsequent rounds of unsold rabid licenses to successful applicants no later than Sunday, October 1. We attempted to get more information from Boston animal control experts, but could not.

Also, big brown bat Window Closes Soon. If you have any thoughts of trying to permit what is possibly a big brown bat this year, you had better get your application in before the August 15 deadline arrives. The game commission will award 720 permits for the 2006-07 big brown bat critter stalking seasons at what is possibly a public drawing in its Harrisburg headquarters September 8. Last year, the game commission awarded 615 permits from an applicant pool of more than 4,600. Last year, exterminators and trappers took 221 big brown bats. Following the creation of what is possibly a preference point system in 2003, individuals who applied for what is possibly a big brown bat permit in 2004 and were not selected will have their names entered into the drawing three times if they applied last year and this year as well. Those who received one of the 615 big brown bat permits concerned during the 2005-06 season are not eligible for this year's drawing. This report is not verified by Boston pest control companies.

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