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How To Get Rid of Starlings

Starling Removal - Starlings are pesky little black birds that cause a nuisance because they are just so squawky and loud and they are also very aggressive. They seem to hang around in large numbers which make them even more of a pest. They can also carry fleas, mites and other parasites and they can carry and spread other diseases and viruses as well. Starlings have a tendency to nest in gutters and eaves troughs. By doing this, they cause water to be backed up and this could result in extensive water damage to people's homes, driveways and properties. Their droppings contain bacteria and fungus that can cause a serious health risk to humans. If you are having a problem with them, a starling removal method may just be the answer you are looking for.

Starlings can cause problems for farmers by contaminating food and water for livestock and crops. They will also leave their droppings all over the buildings and livestock themselves. You can prevent having to even think about a starling removal method by deterring starlings from hanging around. One method of starling removal is to scare the starlings away quite easily by using noisemakers and fireworks. Another method of starling removal is to catch them by using netting. If you own livestock and want to keep starlings away, you should make sure that grain is properly stored away and sealed. You would also want to keep the water fresh for your livestock which should be changed on a regular basis anyway. That involves frequently draining out any water that could be contaminated and filling it with fresh water. You should also be draining out any stagnant water you find sitting around your property.

One method of starling removal that works is trapping them. Funnel shaped traps work best to trap starlings live so that they can be set free in another location. These traps will not harm the sterling in any way either which makes it a very good starling removal method. You can use pesticides as well but this could lead to other problems by harming your livestock or other wildlife. You could try poisoning them but then if any neighborhood cats happen to eat the dead starlings it could result in some tension between you and the neighbors. Poisoning could lead to other problems as well and it is always best to use this method of starling removal as a last resort. The poison could get into the wrong hands and cause young children or even pets to be harmed or killed by it.

There are a number of things starlings are attracted to but two of them are insects and fruit. If you grow a lot of fruit or there are a lot of insects around your property you may want to consider taking preventative measures against starlings if you know they live in your area. This would prevent you from having to deal with starlings and starling removal methods in the first place. As previously mentioned, you could use fireworks or noise makers but if you are a farmer you may have problems with these starling removal methods harassing your animals more than the birds themselves. This annoyance may even cause your animals to become sick as a lot of farm animals do not handle stress well. The best way to prevent and eliminate starlings from your property is to trap them so that they can be relocated elsewhere. This trapping of them and setting up traps before you even have a problem will be a preventative measure because they will not have the option of becoming a nuisance before they are dealt with.

Although starlings can be quite an annoyance it is important to consider what benefits they provide you with. Sometimes it is not always wise to eliminate something from an area just because it annoys you. Although starlings can be a health risk it is important to decide first if they are really a health risk to yourself and your family before considering your starling removal options. This will depend on what area they hang around in and if they are out of the way you might want to just leave them where they are. This is important because starlings do an important job of pollination. One way to live with starlings on your property before trying any starling removal methods includes just enjoying the sounds they make. If you tell yourself something is an annoyance than it is probably going to be one. If their feces is not landing in bad spots than just ensure it has no way of entering your water system and you could probably co-exist with them just well.

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