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Deterring Pigeons From a Building

Here is a bird deterrent job. The pigeons were landing on the sign and the steel beams supporting the space shuttle. They were roosting at night and leaving a large quantity of droppings on the ground. The installation of bird spikes or "needle strips" helps keep the pigeons from landing and roosting, thus eliminating the droppings below. The owners of the building were very concerned about all of the droppings, which were unsightly and unsanitary for a public store like this. They had to clean the droppings every day. This is a common problem in urban areas - pigeons roosting on beams and store signs. The only way to solve the problem is to eliminate the roosting areas: install some deterrent, like needle strips or shock track to keep the birds from landing and roosting in the affected area.

I performed this job for this store:

World's Largest Gift Shop
6328 International Dr.
Orlando FL 32819
407 352 9695

I worked very hard on this job. I spent over $350 on supplies and worked for many hours, with a helper, using a very difficult-to-wield 40 ft. ladder. The work was dangerous, and I had to deal with the gawking public around my ladder. My bill for all of this work was only $450 - a profit of only $100 for me, and that's not counting all of my other business costs, like insurance, licensing, gasoline, marketing, etc. To get to the point, the owners of the building never paid me for my pigeon prevention work. They were obnoxious when I dealt with them, and I was very polite and honest and worked hard. They were assholes, in fact, and they simply didn't pay me despite my dozens of requests to do so. I always got blown off by these careless and disrespectful people. I will mention, without reservation, that they were the only arab customers that I've ever dealt with.

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