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Professional Wildlife Removal and Animal Pest Control Serving Raleigh North Carolina

Raleigh Animal Control & Wildlife Removal

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ATL Wildlife Removal: We operate in greater Raleigh, NC and specialize in nuisance wildlife control. If you need mouse or rat control in Raleigh, we offer a complete solution with full guarantee on our work. We commonly deal with problems such as raccoons in attics, squirrels in the ceiling, rats in the walls, snake removal and control, bat control, and more. We are the best Raleigh extermination company available when it comes to wild animals.

  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Residential & Commercial
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  • Over Ten Years of Experience
  • In the Greater Raleigh area
  • Call - 919-825-2060

All of our wildlife trapping is performed in a humane manner. We never intend to harm any wildlife only to safely and permanently remove it from your home or business. Once animals are caught, we quickly arrive to remove the animal, and relocate it approximately 30 miles outside of the Greater Raleigh area. We service most of Raleigh metro and Fulton County.

We take pride in operating as a small, owner-operated company within Raleigh, and we stand by our work. If you need animal trapping services in Raleigh or any part of Fulton County, NC give us a call, and we will be happy to assist you. We specialize in both residential and commercial services, and accept all major credit cards. There is no free wild animal removal service in Raleigh, but we will provide a professional service at a fair price.

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Most Recent Raleigh Animal Control Emails:

First of all, I understand that you do not want animal inquiries, but at them moment I have no phone so I don't have a way to call. I am writing to make a complaint against our neighbors. Their dogs bark continuously. My husband and I cannot even go outside in peace, because these dogs will bark the whole entire time. There have even been times where we have been awakened at 2am by the dogs barking. And more times than not, they do nothing to try to quiet them. Quite frankly I am fed up with the fact that I cannot even go outside my own house without hearing barking dogs. Also, if you can't help me with this problem, can you please tell me what I can do? Thanks, Sarah

Hi, I noticed on your website that it says to contact the SPCA instead of your service for problems with cats and dogs. I have contacted the SPCA about a neighbor who has about 8-10 outdoor cats who are constantly using the bathroom in neighboring yards. The SPCA stated that all they could do would be to send someone out to talk to the "owner" to educate his as to why he should not have this many cats. I suppose my question is, are there any exceptions to your rule about cat and dog control because as of now the SPCA is unable to help. I am looking into any and all options available to control this situation. Thank you, Mary
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