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Spartanburg Animal Control & Wildlife Removal

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Terminix Service, Inc.: We operate in greater Spartanburg, SC and specialize in nuisance wildlife control. If you need mouse or rat control in Spartanburg, we offer a complete solution with full guarantee on our work. We commonly deal with problems such as raccoons in attics, squirrels in the ceiling, rats in the walls, snake removal and control, bat control, and more. We are the best Spartanburg extermination company available when it comes to wild animals.

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All of our wildlife trapping is performed in a humane manner. We never intend to harm any wildlife only to safely and permanently remove it from your home or business. Once animals are caught, we quickly arrive to remove the animal, and relocate it approximately 30 miles outside of the Greater Spartanburg area. We service most of Spartanburg metro and Fulton County.

We take pride in operating as a small, owner-operated company within Spartanburg, and we stand by our work. If you need animal trapping services in Spartanburg or any part of Fulton County, SC give us a call, and we will be happy to assist you. We specialize in both residential and commercial services, and accept all major credit cards. There is no free wild animal removal service in Spartanburg, but we will provide a professional service at a fair price.

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Most Recent Spartanburg Animal Control Emails:

The house at Emily Drive, Spartanburg appears to be an unsecured vacant problem structure harboring rodents, opossums and ferrell cats. The lot is overgrown and the trees and shrubs are not maintained. A few windows may be broken out. The roof is in bad condition. The house was full of junk and debris at one time but may have had some of the debris cleaned out recently. The house was once occupied by an elderly man that horded junk and debris in the house and it was not maintained for many years. He may now be deceased or in assisted living. The current owners are absentee owners that live in Panama City, FL and they are not repairing and maintaining the structure. Several cats are seen frequenting the premises and can be heard fighting at night. Opossum screams are often heard at night as well. The house is an attractive nuisance to neighborhood teenagers that are parking there late at night and may be getting into the house The adjacent lot at Emily Drive, Spartanburg (same owner) is a vacant overgrown lot. The trees and shrubs are not maintained.

I live in Spartanburg SC. Our back yard has a small section of woods(an acre or two) between neighboring houses. This spring we have seen on many occasions several coyotes , apparently living in the woods. They have become very brazen coming onto our lawn and even our deck and have attempted to attack our dogs. Although we have tried to make our yard as uninviting as possible(noise, light), the coyotes have become a daily occurrence. Is there anything we can do before a young child or dog is injured?

The Week had a small article about two women who were making reflective collars for the burros of Colton, California. My husband and I would like to donate some reflective tape to these individuals but do not know how to get in touch with them. Since your site was named I thought maybe you could help. Thank you for your time. Sue and Mark Atria
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