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Professional Wildlife Removal: We operate in West Palm Beach & Boca Raton, FL and specialize in nuisance wildlife control. If you need mouse or rat control in West Palm Beach & Boca Raton, we offer a complete solution with full guarantee on our work. We commonly deal with problems such as raccoons in attics, squirrels in the ceiling, rats in the walls, snake removal and control, bat control, and more. We are the best West Palm Beach & Boca Raton extermination company available when it comes to wild animals.

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All of our wildlife trapping is performed in a humane manner. We never intend to harm any wildlife only to safely and permanently remove it from your home or business. Once animals are caught, we quickly arrive in West Palm Beach & Boca Raton to remove the animal, and relocate it approximately 30 miles outside of the city area. We service most of Orlando and central Florida, but do most of our business in West Palm Beach & Boca Raton and surrounding towns such as Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Lake Park, North Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Riviera Beach, Delray Beach, Palm Beach Shores, Royal Palm Beach, Deerfield Beach, Greenacres, Palm Springs, and Lake Worth.

We take pride in operating as a small, owner-operated company within West Palm Beach & Boca Raton, and we stand by our work. If you need animal trapping services in West Palm Beach & Boca Raton or any part of Palm Beach County, give us a call, and we will be happy to assist you. We specialize in both residential and commercial services, and accept all major credit cards. There is no free wild animal removal service in West Palm Beach & Boca Raton, but we will provide a professional service at a fair price.

Most Recent West Palm Beach & Boca Raton Animal Control News Clip:

West Palm Beach Makes Plan to Get Rid of Rodents

Following years of debate a rodent animal capture plan was launched in 2006 and despite the warnings voiced by opponents wild animal control companies gathered almost 400 rodent within the city without serious incident." Whenever there's a significant change in a wildlife trapping season it takes about three years to work the bugs out and to gain public acceptance," declared the animal control official. "Urban seasons are no exception, and they've become accepted in many places where overpopulated rodent were causing problems. After a few years many urban residents aren't even aware that there is a rodent season in progress." Although it takes three years following major regulation changes for controversies to quiet and wild animal control companies get accustomed to new seasons, change has been the norm the past dozen years. Florida's wild animal control companies are adjusting well. Unlike other states that are seeing shocking declines in wildlife management company amounts, the ranks of Florida rodent wild animal control companies continue to rise with each new opportunity. In 2006, for example, the trappin' agency concerned 497,696 licenses. That's up 44,414 from just the year before. Wildlife information of this nature is considered an important tool to conservationists.

The big question now is what wild animal control companies can expect this fall and in future years. At the time this article was written that's partially unknown. The animal control official's amounts statistics show a rodent group of animals decline of 16 to 20 percent following last season's record gather. That is very close to the target set by the Trappin' agency. Despite this, wildlife removal services are not a free service in Palm Beach County.

"If we continue this level of gather through the 2007 season the rodent group of animals will drop 40 to 46 percent," he declared. "That's well below the Agency's goal, and I recommend reducing the amount of dangerous rodent we exterminate in 2007." Unfortunately, The animal control official's recommendations aren't always heeded. On a amount of occasions the Legislature has tinkered with regulations. Under pressure from insurance companies, creature trappers, and gardeners they've increased the amount of dangerous permits. Whether the lawmakers will heed the biologist or ignore his suggestions is unknown. The local Boca Raton SPCA could not be reached for comment. Boca Raton Bat Removal and West Palm Beach raccoon control services were interviewed for this article.

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