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Rat trapping in an attic - my specialty. Coming out of an attic with a trapped rat. Seven big ones from this attic. This attic was loaded with rats.

Rats like to chew on electrical wires. It is the tendency of rodents to gnaw. Rats leave trails and droppings in attic. They can leave thousands of terds.

Rats go anywhere - the back of an oven. This rat died inside a breaker box. Rats love to climb pipes into the attic. In the drop ceiling of an office building.

They're called Roof Rats for a reason. Sometimes I catch them in live cage traps. The little one is actually a mouse. I often cut holes to remove dead rats.

Closeup of rattus rattus. Rat running through an attic. Rats climb bricks and other structures. An outside nest of baby rats.

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I operate a professional wildlife removal business in Orlando Florida. It is not a pest control or extermination company, nor is it the county animal control. It is a privately owned nuisance critter and wildlife control business. I have caught thousands of rats over the years. These are some of the photos that I've taken in the field.

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