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I had to pry up attic floorboards for this dead opossum. I removed this dead raccoon from inside the air handler! This is your standard dead squirrel in the attic removal. This is a regular dead rat removal from an attic.

Look at this dead opossum that I removed from the ductwork under a house. Here I am emerging with a dead mystery critter under a house. Some baby opossums fell down a wall from the attic, and they died. I cut a hole inside the closet to remove this dead opossum in a wall.

A common sight - a dead opossum under a house. Opossums also commonly live and die inside attics. Here's a dead squirrel in an attic - what a stench! See those blue/green droppings? Someone poisoned this rat!

Dead rats get everywhere - I removed this one from the back of a stove. After a long search I got this one out of the breaker box! I commonly cut dead rats and mice from out of walls. If there's no attic space, I have to cut the dead rat out of the ceiling.

Here's a lovely sight - a dead opossum in a drop ceiling. Look at the size of this one - the stench in the house was unbelievable. I cut this dead opossum out of the vapor barrier under a mobile home. The crawl to this was very difficult and unpleasant - but the aroma can't be beat!

I removed this dead wild boar from someone's yard. Here we have a dead dog, a pit-bull, that I removed from under a house. Here's a dead bobcat that I removed from a golf course sand trap. I actually found this dead catfish under a house. Oh the fun!

I had to use a chainsaw and 40 wheelbarrows to remove this dead cow. Here's your standard dead rat in a wall removal. I find 'em! Here's a dead opossum inside the duct work of a house - the stench! Here are some dead pigeons that I removed from the ducts of a school.

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I operate a professional wildlife removal business in Orlando Florida. It is not a pest control or extermination company, nor is it the county animal control. It is a privately owned nuisance critter and wildlife control business. I have removed hundreds of dead animal carcasses over the years. These are some of the photos that I've taken in the field. I do all aspects of pest critter removal, but I specialize in dead animal removals. Whether you have a dead animal in the attic or a dead animal under the house or a dead rat in the wall or ceiling I can find and remove it.

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