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A Dead Opossum Under the House

This job was extremely difficult, and several other companies failed to find the animal before I was called. A house smelled horrible, and we suspected a dead animal under the raised house. First, I pried open a spot and squirmed through an access hole that 80% of the guys in this industry couldn't even fit through. Second, I spent over an hour crawling in the dirt, dust, spiders, and stench, through a 1600 square foot labrynth of ductwork, when most guys would have given up. The animal wasn't to be found, and I realized that it must have crawled up inside the insulation lining below the floor and above the crawl space. So I did the search all over again, this time looking up at the lining for ... fly eggs. Sure enough, I found them, cut a hole in that spot, and out dropped a decaying adult opossum, which I removed, along with the filthy insulation.

These jobs, dead animals in the vapor barrier under a home, are very difficult. It's one thing to crawl under a dirty, muddy, spider-filled house to get a dead carcass of incredible stench. It's a whole other matter when that dead animal is somewhere nearly impossible to find. It's like trying to find a ship at the bottom of the ocean. Except instead of gold dubloons, it's full of maggots. Almost as good. Anyway, persistence pays, and I never give up until I find and remove that rotten possum.

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I operate a professional nuisance wildlife control business in Orlando Florida. I do all aspects of pest critter removal, but I specialize in dead animal removals. Whether you have a dead animal in the attic or a dead animal under the house or a dead rat in the wall or ceiling I can find and remove it.

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