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Squirrel Photos & Images - Photograph and Picture Gallery

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Five squirrels caught in humane traps. Seven adult squirrels from one house. A mother and her juvenile squirrel. A stack of squirrels in traps.

Mother squirrel and her three young. Oranges lured this one out of the soffit. These traps catch them as they come out. These three came out of a broken pipe.

I used a rope to catch this juvenile. It had fallen down a chimney. Three squirrels in one trap. Closeup of a squirrel in a cage trap.

Squirrels love to live in attics. Here's a group of four in an attic. They often come in/out of soffit screens. Squirrels will chew on your house.

Eastern Gray Squirrel in cage trap. Detail photo of the squirrel's face. Two baby squirrels in my shirt pockets. Three baby squirrels in my hands.

Cute baby squirrel wants a peanut. They are cute for about a 1-week span. Here's a juvenile in a tree hollow. Here's some newborn squirrels.

This repeater trap mounts right on the hole, and catches it as it leaves. I catch them all at the same time in a repeater trap during their exit. Squirrels usually won't enter traps placed inside of the attic. I caught this one coming out of the gable vent at an apartment.

Four big ones and three small ones. Six in a single repeater trap. They climb right up and into the attic. You have to blow to make them leave.

For squirrel trapping in Orlando, FL call 407-538-1694. If you live elsewhere, click for the National Directory of Trappers

I operate a professional wildlife removal business in Orlando Florida. It is not a pest control or extermination company, nor is it the county animal control. It is a privately owned nuisance critter and wildlife control business. I have caught hundreds of squirrels over the years. These are some of the photos that I've taken in the field.

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