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Do wild animals have emotions?

For cat owners, there are many instances where you will do something that irritates your feline and he or she will respond by hissing at you, maybe even attempting to scratch or bite you. This is a common response because the cat is clearly angry.

While we may not think of it quite often, the truth of the matter is that animals, such as your cat or dog, have emotions that help to dictate the way in which they act and behave. These emotions, even if they are slightly different from what you would see in a human being, will lead to certain reactions that will dictate what the animal will do.

It should be noted that emotions in wild animals are not nearly as detailed or expansive as they are in human beings. Animals, for example, don’t have the emotion of greed or lust. While a squirrel may store as many nuts as possible, or a rat may breed with as many females as possible, these are more instinctual and not emotion-based. They simply don’t respond in that kind of way.

However, that does not mean that they are lacking emotions. For example, all animals feel some form of fear. This is an emotional response to a feeling that their life is somehow threatened. This can lead to such things as shaking, wetting oneself, running, or even turning to battle with the predator that is approaching. Human beings respond to fear by lashing out, and wild animals will do that as well. It is just an instinct that this kind of emotion brings about.

While wild animals do not have depression, there can be a saddened feeling that they can experience due to a loss of some kind. When a female sees her young killed or eaten this can bring out a response from the animals well. This can lead to great emotion.

The primary emotion that you will see in the vast majority of wild animals, however, is anger. Just as your cat is angry by you stepping on its tail or annoying it too much, a wild animal can become angry as well. This can be cause by another animal attacking it or invading in its area, something irritating it, or even caused by an illness removing away some of its natural instincts.

When an animal becomes angry, they can become quite unpredictable. This can pose a significant danger to any person. An angry animal is one that will lash out, just as your cat will, but unlike your cat these animals are not domesticated. That can mean that their response to anger can be extreme to say the least.

Wild animals are known to absolutely tear apart people’s homes when they are angry, attack one animal right after another, and relieve their waste anywhere they go. It is this kind of crazy, aggressive behavior that makes a wild animal who is angry one of the most dangerous encounters that any human being can have. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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