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What are the risks of animals chewing on electric wires?

To build a home, a lot of design, time, and expertise is required to build a house that is not only sturdy, but which also poses minimal, if not any risk to you at all. It is the beautiful thing and is why people refer to their home as their “castle.”

The problem is that things can occur that can ruin the beauty and wonder of your home. Not only can weather and accidents cause problems, but wild animals also pose a potential risk to your home that goes way beyond tearing up your furniture and pooping on your carpet. They can do some real damage to your home in ways that can be catastrophic, which may make you wonder what are the risks that can be posed by animals that chew on wires?

While not all animals will do this, there are many types that like to chew on wires. These include rats, squirrels, and mice, which chew on objects to strengthen their teeth. It is actually quite necessary for them to be able to find items to chew on if they are going to have strong teeth, and so your dry wall, boards, and wires can be the ideal thing.

While this may be good for them, it does not mean that it is ideal for you or your home. This can pose a serious risk to your property.

It starts with causing a short in the wiring. If the outer casing is damaged and frayed, it will mean that the wiring may not be able to carry electrons in the right way, and that can lead to a short. This can mean that an electrical outlet or light switch may not work correctly and you may have some serious issues.

However, it can get a lot worse than this. A shorted out wire can mean that you can easily have a fire that can occur. With the wire casing being damaged and open, sparks can fly from the wiring and if there is material that is close to the frayed area which is flammable then you are looking at a real serious fire hazard.

One of the most common things that can occur is that the animal will actually short out the wire while chewing it and this can actually cause it to catch on fire. While this is not a risk that happens every day, it does have the potential to occur because the wiring carries a lot of current and the mouth of an animal is wet. This is a bad combination that can lead to some serious problems that could catch a portion of your home on fire.

While there could be other issues, these are the ones that are biggest concern for any homeowner. You don’t want to see any kind of catastrophe happen in this way, and that is why it makes sense to check the walls and attics for little critters to make sure that they don’t ruin that beautiful home of yours. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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