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Will a high pitch sound deterrent machine repel wild animals

It seems that there is a high-tech solution to virtually any problem that you would come across today. You are able to now start your dishwasher using your phone app, communicate with people all over the world via your messenger program, and order of your groceries to pick up at the store before you even leave your front door. The world has become a truly technological place to live these days.

Because of this, most people are looking for technological ideas to solve even the most low-tech of problems. This includes trying to get wild animals off of their property. Many times, animals such as skunks, possums, and other kinds of little critters will come onto a person’s land to either search for food or to set up their own residence there. This is something that the vast majority of people would like to deter from occurring.

To resolve a problem like this, a lot of people turn to the idea of using a high-tech kind of solution to keep these animals away. One of the most commonly preached ideas for being able to do this is the use of a high pitch sound deterrent machine.

For those who are unfamiliar with this product, this is a machine that sends out a very high pitch sound that is intended to deter animals from coming by irritating their sense of hearing. The vast majority of wild animals have an enhanced auditory sense, which manufacturers of this product look to take advantage of by providing a machine that creates such an annoying sound that it irritates the animal, causing it to run away.

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In theory, this sounds like an absolutely brilliant idea. However, in application it success is limited, if at all. Generally, these machines only allow for a very limited amount of capability in terms of the distance that the sound wave travels where it can be effectively keep a wild animal away. The truth is that it does have some success, but that success is in a very limited area.

The other problem you face is that in less you have placed several of these machines around your property ensuring that the sound wave is traveling in every direction away from your property, then you are not going to be able to effectively deter wild animals from coming on to your land. What will happen is they will simply come from a different direction where the sound wave is not being directed at, and still get on your land.

Once again, this seems like a very ingenious idea that could help to keep wild animals off of your property. However, in application you are going to find that it simply does not work in the way that you had hoped. You may have some limited success in keeping animals directly away from your front door or from another location directly around your house. But this is simply not going to work across the entire portion of your land in less you are willing to spend the money on several machines to make it work. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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