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Will homeowner’s insurance pay for wild animal damage?

Homeowners insurance is one of those kinds of purchases that you make to protect your investment. Because your home is the biggest investment that you will ever have, it makes good sense to have some kind of protection that ensures that if you have an issue with your home that there is someone there to assist you in getting it fixed or rebuilt.

Your homeowner’s insurance likely covers all kinds of catastrophes that may occur. This includes such things as fire, flood, burglary, and other kinds of issues that could destroy your home and the property inside. It’s this safety net that helps people to be able to sleep more comfortably at night knowing that if they have an issue that it will be taking care of for them.

While this is a great protection, some are unaware of all of the different kinds of protection that their insurance will provide for them. There are actually quite a few instances where unusual circumstances may happen at your home and you may want to know if the insurance company will pay for the damage that occurs.

One such instance is if a wild animal or group of wild animals were to get into your home. Depending on how long it took to get them out and the kind of animals that are involved, they can do a great deal of damage to your property. They can literally leave your house in a shambles. This may make you wonder if your homeowner’s insurance will actually pay for the damage caused by a wild animal?

This may be surprising to many people, but the reality is that your insurance company is quite likely to cover this kind of damage. While it is important to take a look at your policy before knowing for sure whether the insurance will cover the damage or not, this is frequently considered to be one of those “acts of God”kinds of damage that the insurance company is happy to pay for. It falls into the category of such things as hail and tornadoes.

You should be aware that the insurance company may not pay for the damage and every instance. If you have damage caused by a squirrel in your attic this may not be covered, but if a larger sized animal were to cause some serious damage to your home then it is likely that this will be covered.

The reason that the insurance company covers such things as this is because it has an overall effect on the quality of your property. If, for example, a fox got into your home and tore up the wall as well as relieved itself in your house, this not only can lead to an issue with damage in the home, but there is a health risk involved with the waste of a wild animal. It is reasons like this that your insurance company likely covers this kind of damage. Once again, it pays to ensure that you are covered, so review your policy. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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