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What is a snare pole and how to use it

Every day, people all over this country come home to find that some kind of animal has made its way into their home. This can be something like a raccoon, possum, or even a stray cat. Through an open window, crack in the wall, or even an open door, the animal has figured out a way to gain access into your house, leaving it terrified as to what to do.

Clearly, you cannot have an animal like this in your house, and so extricating the beast from your property becomes job number one. This is where a snare pole can be just the solution that you are looking for.

For those who were wondering what a snare pole is, the likelihood is that you have seen this on many occasions and simply no the proper name for it. This is a long pole that has a snare like noose on one end. When you employ the snare pole, what you are looking to do is to wrap the noose around the animal’s neck, pull on the latch that allows you to tighten the noose, which then captures the animal for you to be able to control.

Because the pole allows you some distance to stay away from the animal, this gives you the ability to keep yourself safe so that you cannot be directly attacked by the little critter, avoiding such things as scratches or bites, but gives you the leverage to be able to control it so that you can drag it outside of your home to release it back out into the wild.

The fact of the matter is that the majority of people don’t want to harm an animal like this that gets into their home. They are simply looking for a way to get the little critter out of their house. This is why the snare pole is so ideal to use.

By capturing the animal in this way, you were able to drag it or carry it outside of your house so that it can be let go. The great thing about this particular option is that if the animal continues to be belligerent and is making it so that you were unable to control him or her, the solution is to slightly lift the animal off the ground, making it more difficult for it to breathe for a few seconds until it is able to calm down.

What is found in a situation like this is that animals will resist and tell they are unable to breathe well, and when they are let back down giving them the ability to breathe more freely again, they settle down and allow you to have greater control of them. Because you are kept at a distance from them you were able to avoid any kind of injury while getting the animal out of your home.

This is a fantastic way to be able to capture and remove an animal from your property. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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