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How to get a dead animal out of your car

So, one day you go out to get into your car and realize that there is a rather repulsive smell inside. It does not take you very long to figure out that that smell is the odor of an animal that has died inside your car. Now what do you do?

Clearly, you are not going to leave that animal in your car because the longer that it is there the worse it is going to smell. In addition, you take the risk of decomposition leading to bacteria and other pathogens creating an even bigger health problem for you. Plus, this may attract other animals and that smell is only going to get worse. You simply can’t take a risk like that.

Getting rid of it becomes the real issue, however. You could take it somewhere to have them do the job for you, but driving a vehicle with a dead animal and it probably isn’t very appealing to you either. You want a means to resolve this problem but you need to do it yourself.

Before taking any action, it is important that you make sure that you protect yourself. The best way to do this is to put on layers of clothing that protect all of your skin, as well as put on gloves, a surgical mask, and goggles. This will make sure that any bacteria or other pathogens that may be on the animal does not get on to you.

Keep in mind that the animal dying in your car should be a clue to you that there is potentially something wrong with it. What is meant here is that it died because it could have a serious illness itself. By you taking the proper precautions to protect yourself, you ensure that you do not risk getting the same illness that affected this animal.

Once you have protected your skin and your respiratory system, the next thing to do is to begin a very detailed and methodical search through your car. You want to go through each of the seats, under the seats, beside the door area, in the cargo area between seats, and in any other location where the animal may be located. Make your search slow just to ensure that this is the only one of these creatures that is inside there.

Once you have located the animal, make sure that you do not directly touch it. Use a plastic bag or some other kind of cover to directly place over the animal and take it out of your vehicle. Drop it into a garbage bag and double bag the animal before sealing it closed.

Now you will need to take your car to a place to have it treated to ensure that any illnesses or pathogens that may have been inside are killed off, protecting you. This is an important step if you were going to ensure that your car is cleared of whatever illness may remain so that you can enjoy being in your car again. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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