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Do animals chew on water pipes? What are the risks?

A lot of homeowners are able to tell you stories about how animals have caused damage to their homes by chewing on such things as wiring, floorboards, or ceiling tiles, not only damaging the home, but also causing potential hazards at the same time. It’s the sad fact that every homeowner has to deal with, because these animals are instinctually looking for ways to sharpen and strengthen their teeth, and materials in your home can often be the ideal source for them.

One part of your home that you may not have thought about is whether animals are likely to chew on the water pipes of your house? The answer to this question is that it is possible for them to do so, but not for the answer that you may have thought.

If you think about most paving in your home, it is either built with one of two kinds of material: either you are looking at plastic or some kind of metal, like lead. Clearly, these are not the kinds of materials that an animal would find attractive to chew on. Lead is poisonous to them, and plastic isn’t the easiest thing for them to be able to get their teeth around.

The primary reason that an animal would start to chew on the water piping in your house is because they are looking for water, and know that your piping is a location where they can find it. What frequently happens is that water either builds up along the pipe as condensation or it is able to seep out there some kind of crack or break in the connection between types. This allows for dripping or water to build up on the pipe in the animal will begin to link on the pipe looking to get water. If it finds that eventually the water stops coming, then it will chew on it to try to get more to come out.

Once again, it is not seeing the piping as a way to strengthen our sharpen its teeth, this is simply an instinctual idea to try to be able to ensure that the animal has plenty enough water to be able to survive.

The primary risk that occurs when an animal begins to chew on the pipe in this way is that they may cause the connection to become looser or broken, so that water will seep out or even leak in a much greater degree. This can have a terrible effect on your home in many ways.

Not only do you find yourself having an increased water bill each month, but you also have to worry about materials in your home being damaged by the water, and mold also building up where the water is dripping or leaking. This cannot only damage your home, but pose a serious health risk to you and your family.

If you find that your water bill is taking an unexpected uptick in terms of the amount you have to pay each month it may be time to do a thorough examination of your home. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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