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What does stray cat feces look like? Where is it found?

There are people out there that absolutely love cats. They find that to be such a joy to have in their home, and so millions of Americans across this great nation get a cat or two to make as a pet.

Every to some people is one that they went out and purchased that was given to them. There are some people that have stray cat becomes around their property that they feed on a regular basis. Sadly, there are many cats out there in this country that have no home and no owner, meaning that they are left to try to fend for themselves on the street.

Often times, this can mean that these animals can contract such things as parasites and bacteria which can be harmful if they come in contact with people. They not only can spread these diseases by biting or scratching a person, but can also do so simply by you coming in contact with their feces.

The saddest part about this is that you may not even know that you have come in contact with the feces of a stray cat, because there is very little difference between the feces of a regular cat and that of a stray. In fact, you will find that many of the mannerisms of the stray cat are the same that you would find from your little fluffy or spot. These animals will usually still try to bury their feces, looking for a dirt mound or sandbox somewhere where they are able to do this. Even stray cats are hygienic like their cousins that are domesticated cats living in someone’s home.

You will find that there really is a lot of similarity in behavior, with the major exception being how the cat responds to coming in contact with people. Because they are a stray cat they will likely have minimal contact with human beings, which will make them a lot more skittish. If cornered or trapped, they are likely to lash out and can even harm you.

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Once again, because these animals are not cared for properly, would not be surprising if they are carrying some kind of illness or parasite with them. By you being scratched or bitten you are putting yourself at risk of becoming sick.

So, what if you are at a playground or some open lot somewhere and come in contact with cat feces? You should always go on the assumption that this could come from a stray cat, especially if you know that they are known to live your area. Consider the fact that lots of stray cats live around such places as grocery stores and restaurants because they can find food in the dumpsters are trash cans. If you are in a location near an establishment like this, you should go under the assumption that stray cats are nearby. So, if you come in contact with this you need to ensure that you wash your hands immediately. If it has gotten onto your clothes, change immediately to be safe. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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