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Will the city or county animal services help me with a wild animal issue?

While too much government intrusion can be a bit much for some, the fact of the matter is that the government, including the county, city, state, and federal levels, provide valuable services that help to make each of our lives a little bit better. Fire departments assist us when we have an emergency, courts ensure our rights are protected, and transportation services ensure that the public transportation we use is safe to ride. There really are some great benefits.

One of those benefits relates to when you find a wild animal has gotten onto your property. It seems that every so often you hear a story about a bear or lien that is come down into a local neighborhood, scaring the people who live there nearly to death. To handle this matter, the city or county animal control agent comes out and is able to secure the beast and return it to its rightful location. Just think who would do this service if these professionals didn’t exist.

Knowing this may make you wonder what the extent is of the services that they provide. In essence, you would like to know if the city or county animal services agent would be willing to help you with a wild animal issue on your property? The answer to that is that it really depends.

If you consider such animals as squirrels and rats, these are common virtually everywhere you go. If animal control agency came out every time someone called about these little critters, they would be working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The same can be true for such things as raccoons and possums. While you may not like them on your property, they are still quite common and it is unlikely that the animal control will assist you.

There is an exception to that, however. If it is clear that a wild animal such as this is sick and some way, then they are likely to assist you. For example, if a possum is working its way across your property in the middle of the daytime there is likely something wrong with that animal. These are nocturnal creatures who avoid being out in the daylight, so if they are out during daylight hours it likely means something is seriously wrong with them. In that case, animal control would likely assist you because of the danger to people’s health that this animal could create.

The other way that an animal control agent will help you with a wild animal is if that wild animal is a dangerous one. If there is a wolf, coyote, bear, lion, or other large predatory animal that is on your property, and they will most certainly send someone out to capture and remove the animal for you. They understand that there is no way that you should be trying to do this on your own, and they have the training to assist you in removing animals such as these. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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