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Can wild animals in the attic give your pets fleas?

Some wild animals that get into your home can create such a nuisance for you that you simply can’t stand that they are in your home anymore. Take rats for example. Not only do these animals come into your house and tear apart your walls, eat your food, and leave their droppings everywhere, but they also pose an incredible health risk to you and your family as well. They carry a large number of parasites and diseases that you can contract by simply coming in contact with the animal or its droppings. This is what makes them such an incredible risk to the health of your family and your pets.

While rodents like this can be an incredible nuisance to you, bugs can be just as big of a problem. Fleas, for example, are one of the most pesky kinds of critters that you can find out there. Not only do they jump all over you the moment you step into your home, but they breed in such large numbers that in no time a few fleas can become hundreds, if not thousands. On top of that, they are incredibly difficult to get rid of once they are in your home. They are truly a mess.

Now, if that isn’t bad enough, the situation gets even worse when a pest like a rat carries fleas inside your home. A raccoon, possum, rat, or other animal of this nature can have fleas on them, get into your attic, and create an even bigger nightmare for you. This may make you wonder if wild animals in the attic can give your pets fleas?

The answer to that question is a little more complicated to explain. Because of the fact that the wild animal is likely living in relative solitude in the attic the answer is no, at least not at first. You will likely find that the fleas will spread rapidly inside the attic area, meaning that in no time a few fleas can be hundreds living up there.

If they stay just there that might be okay, but like any other kinds of insects they will spread in no time at all. They can work themselves down the walls, or even attach themselves to you or a member of your family who may go into the attic for just a moment to put a collectibles box away or to retrieve something from the attic area. It does not take very long for a flea to be able to leap onto you and get into the main portion of your house.

From there, the spread is natural. That one flea can rapidly breed and spread all over your home in no time at all. This will mean that your pets will be attracting those fleas and in no time and infestation can occur. What you see is that the problem can quickly develop that fleas can spread all over your house and onto your pets even though the wild animal remains in your attic. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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