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What problems do monkeys cause for people?

The monkey is such a cute looking animal. This animal that supposedly is part of the evolutionary chain of human beings, is often depicted as man’s friend. Gilligan had one on his famous island that was his buddy and it is quite common to find someone who has a monkey as their buddy in a television show or movie that you like to watch.

These are the kinds of animals that seem to be so friendly. They are also frequently used in lab experiments to teach them to become more “human” in their behavior. Many have taught monkeys to be able to perform simple tasks, and some have even learned how to communicate using sign language. They are truly remarkable animals to say the least.

However, they are not completely amiable in terms of their interaction with people. These animals can pose real problems for human beings, and that is something you should be aware of, because there are some that would consider a monkey to be the perfect pet for them.

First of all, understand that these animals are very temperamental. They are not considered wild animals for nothing. Any wild animal, no matter how cute or cuddly that it looks, can be a danger to you. This is because the normal way that they respond to situations that upset them is to lash out. Your pet monkey may do that very thing, which can lead it to attacking you directly and even injuring you.

Monkeys are also the carriers of many diseases and parasites that can be dangerous to human beings. In fact, it is speculated that the HIV virus was first passed from a monkey to human beings. How that exactly happened is irrelevant to this discussion, but what is important is the fact that this does happen. Human beings can become sick by coming in contact with these animals, especially if they are scratched or bitten by them.

While injury is the most prevalent concern that you should have, the fact that they are wild animals makes monkeys a problem for you in other ways. They are not interested in keeping your house orderly, even if Gilligan was able to get his monkey to sweep his hut. That simply is not the reality.

The fact is that these animals are quite messy. They will tear things up, tear things down, and rip things into pieces. They will spill, destroy, and ruin things, especially if they are irritated. This can mean that any structure you have can quickly be destroyed or terrorized by this primate in no time at all.

While there are other issues that make a monkey not the best of pets, it is easy to see that these issues alone make them a dangerous choice for you. You may think that monkeys are wonderful and would be so spectacular to have around your house, but it takes a great deal of training to make these animals tame and malleable. If you don’t know how to do this you’re creating a big risk for yourself. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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