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How to get wild animals out of the attic

While your home is supposed to be the place where you can keep people and animals out if you so desire, the truth remains that sometimes wild animals will find their way into your attic. They may find a loose board, a hole in the siding, or some other kind of blemish that gives them the opportunity to use that as an entryway into your attic area.

Clearly, you don’t want these critters living there. You want them out and you want them out now! That leaves you wondering how to get wild animals out of the attic?

First of all, it starts with understanding what kind of wild animal you have. If you are talking about something like rats or mice then you have a pretty daunting task. While these are not as dangerous of animals, the truth is that they live in large colonies. This can mean that one rat can really be dozens if not hundreds that are living in your attic. Using some kind of device or trap to get rid of them is simply not going to work. You may have to take a more drastic measure of using a poison or hiring an exterminator to do the job for you.

Now if you are talking about something like a raccoon, a bird, bats, or a squirrel, then the likelihood is that you are looking at far fewer numbers of these animals living in your attic, if not just one. Now your task of getting them out is a lot easier.

While you can take action to remove them much quicker by being more active in your extermination technique, the truth is that if you are willing to be a little patient then you can get these animals out of your attic without you having to come in close proximity with them at all.

How it starts is by purchasing a one-way exclusion funnel. After you have made the purchase, do a search around the outside of your home to find the place or places where the animal is using to gain access into your attic. Usually such locations as where there is a loose or broken board, a hole in the siding, or some other kind of issue like this that provides a large enough entryway for the animal to crawl its way into the attic.

Once you have located this spot, your next step is to simply attach the one-way exclusion funnel over the entryway that the animal or animals are using. Now you just sit back and wait.

How this funnel works is quite simple. The animal is able to get out of your house and to the outside through the exclusion funnel, but once it gets outside the door closes in it is not able to get back in. All of these animals will have to head out to find food and other resources at some point, and your one-way exclusion funnel ensures that they will not get back in. This is a great way to resolve your problem without having to put yourself at risk. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

Learn more through the educational guides I wrote. My years of experience means I have great advice to share - from how to get rid of mold in the attic and keep wild animals out of your garden. I can also share advice on keeping wild animals out of your house as well as your garbage cans. I can even let you know the first steps to take if a wild animal ever got inside my house, bedroom, kitchen, etc..

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