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How to keep wild animals out of my garden

You love your garden. For many people, it is their absolute pride and joy. They devote as much time cultivating and loving their fruits and vegetables as they do any other living thing on the planet. It has become their absolute joy.

However, that joy can be ruined when a wild animal has found its way into your garden and is destroying your fresh produce. To see their beautiful lettuce, carrots, pumpkin, and watermelon devoured and destroyed is like hearing that their mother or close aunt passed away. It is such a dramatic experience that they simply cannot fathom how these wild animals could destroy their beautiful garden in this way. This makes some wonder how to keep wild animals out of their garden?

First of all, it starts by doing all that you can to try to deny them access into your garden area. To do so, it makes sense to construct a wooden fence that completely surrounds the entire garden area. It should be at least 4 feet high, and also go 18 inches below the surface of the ground. This will keep wild animals from being able to dig their way underneath the fence to be able to gain access.

To build your fence in this way you need to start by digging a trench around your garden where you will place your fence pieces. Make sure that the room between boards is no more than a few millimeters. You not only want to keep smaller wild animals from getting in, but you also want to prevent any animal from being able to pull a board apart.

Once you are done with the fence, ensure that you thoroughly bury and the boards that are intended to be below the surface of the ground. It is a good idea to include rocks and other jagged kinds of materials in there to deter the animals from even trying to dig out and get underneath your fence.

Once the fence is constructed, it pays to take some additional measures to ensure that you keep these wild animals out. There are some commercial repellents that you can get that you should place around the outside of your fence area. Also, to keep birds from gaining access into your garden area it is a good idea to put a mesh over the top of the fence to keep these flying critters from being able to get into your garden area. The fence won’t do any good in keeping them out, but the mesh will certainly aid in excluding them.

With a little bit of hard work and small expense, you can build a structure around your garden that will keep these wild animals from ruining the great produce that you want to enjoy with your evening meal. Just make sure that you build a sturdy fence that is not easy for them to get underneath and you will find that you will defeat these wild animals in no time at all. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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