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How to keep wild animals out of my garbage cans

For many people who live in houses, they are faced with a very troubling circumstance that can happen on a regular basis. They go out to throw their garbage away or to get to their car to leave for work in the morning only to find that a wild animal has gotten into the garbage can and made a mess around their property. This can be very troubling and a complete waste of your time.

As troubling as this is, the solution to keeping these animals out of your garbage can is simpler than you may believe. Which just a few steps you would be able to keep a raccoon, squirrel, fox, possum, or any other kind of wild animal out of your trashcan so you don’t have to worry about this kind of problem again.

The first step to resolving your problem is ensuring that you have securely sealed your garbage cans. This means that you need to have the lid securely attached around the garbage can so that it is not easy to open. For those who don’t have some kind of clasp that holds the garbage can lid in place, all you need to do is to wrap a piece of bungee cord tightly over the top of the garbage can and slide your lid underneath that. This can be done by tying both ends of the bungee cord to one handle and wrapping the cord through the handle on the other side. This allows a person to be able to pull the lid off, but holds it in place so that an animal is not able to knock it off, even if they knock over the garbage can.

It is also a good idea to store your garbage can in some area that makes it more difficult for a wild animal to get to. Placing it in a shed, fenced area, or garage will make it so the animal is not able to gain access to the garbage can, saving you from having to worry about them knocking it over in creating a mess.

One area where people make a huge mistake is that they spill juices or garbage while they are heading to the garbage can to throw their trash out, but they don’t clean up these messes. Consider that this is going to attract a wild animal. They simply can’t resist your turkey juice, peanut butter, or whatever other garbage you have spilled on the ground. This means you need to go out with a hose and soapy water and spray that area down so the animal will not be attracted to there.

If you take a few simple steps you can easily keep these animals from coming around your house to get into your garbage. This will help to make your mornings a lot better, not having to waste time cleaning up before heading off to work. That will really help to get your day off on the right foot. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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