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What to do about a wild animal on the roof

You really don’t want a wild animal on your property at all, but there are some places that make it so that you are even more disturbed by their presence. If they are in your attic or garage this can pose a serious risk for you and is one of the reasons why you will likely do all you can to remove them from your property as quickly as possible.

However, there are other places around your house where you simply may want these animals to go away. One such place is if you find them on your roof. If a wild animal is on your roof it could pose an even bigger problem for you then you are aware, so you may wonder what to do about a wild animal on the roof of your home?

In some cases, there is really nothing for you to do it all. A squirrel, for example, poses no real risk for you. These animals frequently will get on the roofs of people’s homes because they have an innate ability to be able to walk across wires or tree branches to get virtually any place they want to go. Therefore, the primary reason that they may be on your roof is simply to continue on in their journey.

Birds are another such example. These animals will frequently fly onto the roof of a person’s home, either to perch or to look for sources of food. After a period of time, they simply move on to another location.

The concern that you have is when the roof is becoming an access point for a wild animal to gain entry into your home. Even such animals as squirrels and birds may get onto your roof so that they can climb under the eaves or through a broken piece of shingle and into your home.

Knowing that this is an issue you face, you want to try to scare animals off of your roof as quickly as possible. That can be done in a couple of very easy ways.

The first of these is to simply use your garden hose and sprayer. An animal such as a raccoon, squirrel, bird, possum, or other kind of animal that has been able to get onto your roof will be scared away by the thrust of the water upon them. This will cause them to scurry away and leave your roof.

As a word of warning about this, ensure that if the animal should fall off your roof that you stay as far away from it as possible. I hurt animal is an unpredictable animal. This can mean that it can become quite aggressive and attack you. This is why it is best to keep your distance.

If this is not working then look to use something like a broom or other long pole that you could push it off of your roof. Be careful when you approach the animal and ensure that you are wearing heavy clothing to prevent it from being able to scratch or bite you. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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