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Where should I relocate a trapped wild animal?

This is a much more complicated question depending on what kind of animal that you have trapped and how you have trapped it. For example, if you are discussing a predatory animal, such as a wolf or a fox, and you have trapped it in your garage then the answer on what to do would be significantly more complicated.

To avoid that, this article will focus on the more likely scenario for you to have. The vast majority of people are not can I have a deer or a bear in their garage, so giving detailed instructions on what to do in those situations is unnecessary.

However, it could be quite likely that you had a problem with a possum, squirrel, raccoon, or other kind of animal of this nature that has gotten into your home or onto your property and you have used some kind of commercial trap to capture it. Now you want to know if you try to relocate this animal where you should do so?

This is a question that is probably easier to answer than you may have thought. What you have to consider is that the vast majority of animals are simply looking for a place to find food and shelter. The reason that they came to your home was there was something about your property that gave them one or both of those options. Either you have a bird feeder where an animal was getting seeds and other morsels from, or there was a hole in your siding that allowed the animal to get into the walls of your house. There’s something appealing to your home and that’s why they are there.

Knowing this, this is where you need to begin. You need to look for locations that offered the same kind of amenities that your home offers. Now, with that being said, that doesn’t mean that you release a raccoon or a squirrel on to your neighbor’s property because they also have a birdfeeder and a crack in their siding.

What it means is that you should look for locations, like parks or forest area, were an animal like this would find the right kind of shelter and protection for itself. These kind of options are natural habitats to the vast majority of critters like skunks, possums, raccoons, snakes, and squirrels. If you take one of these critters to a location like this, they are likely to easily find shelter, as well as find places where they can discover food.

You also should look for places that don’t create an instantaneously hazardous situation for the animal. For example, if you take a raccoon to a spot where you know that there are a large number of coyotes or wolves that live in the area that it is likely that that raccoon is going to die rather quickly at the hands of one of these canines. Try a place where the animal will have a great deal of success, or at least a chance at it. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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