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What is Integrated Pest Management?

For every problem that there is out there, there seems to be a high tech solution that has developed to resolve the problem. Now you don’t need to actually click the button on your washer to start it; you can use your phone app to do so. You don’t have to feed the dog; you can put a timer on the food dish to drop the food at a certain time of day. It is truly amazing how things have changed.

This is true of pest control as well. While there may not be an app to keep flies away (but there should be), scientists and etymologists are constantly looking for ways to keep pests from reaching numbers that are a health risk or a huge nuisance to human beings, without destroying the population of the species all together. This has become the role of Integrated Pest Management.

For those who are wondering what Integrated Pest Management is, you are not alone. IPM is a an agency whose role it is to use techniques to control the levels of pests, while also ensuring that the amount of pesticides and other measures that are used do try to control pests are used in a limiting effect so that the populations are not destroyed and that the ecosystem is not put at risk. Wow, that sounds like quite a mouthful, but it is an essential role that is helping communities to stay safe and freer from these pests.

The importance of this organization begins with the fact that they are not looking to eradicate these pests in any way. They are merely looking to employ methods that will help to keep populations down.

This actually is beneficial for a number of reasons, including benefitting the insects themselves. The truth be told, when there is an overabundance of insects that are living in any area, they can actually become so large in number that this leads to starvation. Because so much of an insects energy can be spent on activities such as flying, when their food levels are depleting because there is not enough food for all of them and, as a result, the population plummets. Using the techniques that the IPM employs actually helps to stop this from happening.

The IPM also monitors what the current levels of insects and other pests are. They are looking to make sure that there is no over saturation by any one insect and this is best achieved by monitoring the whole ecosystem in an area to see how numbers are leveling at.

By controlling the levels in this way, they are able to help to keep the populations strong enough that they environment benefits from their activities, while also being able to limit the population and the potential health risks that are involved. By controlling these populations and doing so in a responsible way, they are helping to promote the health of the environment while greatly reducing the amount of pesticide that is used, helping to make our world a better place. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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