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How to know if you have rabies

One of the most serious illnesses that a person can get his rabies. This is a viral disease that is passed from animals to humans, usually from a wild animal, and can cause a horrific response in the body, causing the brain to spread and eventually leading to death.

Because of the way that the virus lives inside a person in the way that it attacks the central nervous system, if not treated immediately the results are always catastrophic. A person who does not receive treatment within the first 24 hours of being exposed is doomed to a death sentence which is excruciating and horrific to say the least. This virus is a brutal one for human beings to endure, as it causes a wide host of symptoms that lead to such things as foaming in the mouth, complete mania, and even delusional and psychotic behavior. This is why a person who seems completely crazed is often described as rabid. This is how a person who has rabies will look.

Frequently, the way that this illness is passed is through a dog bite. Dogs can have rabies and become quite aggressive when they do. They will attack human beings and can easily spread the disease if they bite or get their fluids inside a person through scratching or other means. However, the dog is not the only one who can spread this disease. Raccoons, bats, skunks, possums, and other wild animals are known to carry the virus and can be dangerous if you come in contact with them. This is why if you come across a wild animal it is to your advantage to stay as far away as possible.

The Symptoms of Rabies

Now that you know how serious this disease can be, it is good to know the signs and symptoms that you may have rabies. First of all, before discussing these there are a couple of things you need to know. If you are bitten or scratched by a wild animal or a dog that shows some of the signs or symptoms then you need to seek emergency medical care as quickly as possible. Don’t wait, get seen right away!

In addition, if you are showing the signs and symptoms in yourself that it may already be too late for you. This is not to sound alarmist, but the fact is that if you are having hallucinations or severe paranoia caused by rabies your time is limited.

The common symptoms of rabies begin was such things as increased anxiety, fever, severe headaches, and soreness in the muscles. This is a disease that is attacking your central nervous system, so things that would cause your brain or nerves to malfunction in some ways are the common kinds of symptoms you will see. As the illness progresses, common things that are seen are such things as delirium, hallucinations, severe paranoia, and eventually a lapse into coma.

The one thing you should look for that is common for anybody who has rabies is that in a short time their behavior is quite abnormal. They are aggressive, they are paranoid, and they are unable to control many of their functions. This is why foaming in the mouth is common. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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