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What is a snare trap?

A lot of may not be aware of this, but you probably know a lot more about the snare trap then you may have thought. Whether you are watching a movie, television show, or hearing about some great survivalist, the fact is that you have most likely seen this kind of trap in action before.

For those of you who are still scratching your head to try to figure out if you really know what this kind of trap is, the truth is that the snare trap is nothing more than a kind of loop that you used to either grab some animal or person and tighten the loop, or it is a loop that is placed on the ground, and wraps around the person when they step in or on some kind of mechanism that causes the trap to be released.

The two most common ways that you see this used are either in the lasso or in a trap that grabs someone’s leg. The snare trap is really nothing more than some kind of noose that is made of either a strong string or rope, or a piece of wire.

For those who use this as a lasso, the person will take a long piece of rope and create a noose so that there is a circular and to the lasso. They then swing the rope around in a circular kind of motion, usually above their head, and tell they are ready to try to snare whatever animal or person they are trying to catch.

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This is the kind of device that was used frequently by people in the old West to capture horses, other animals, and even desperados from escaping justice. It seemed that people like the Lone Ranger and John Wayne frequently used this kind of device to be able to quickly capture whatever animal they were looking to harness and control them through the snare itself. It definitely is a fairly handy device to use.

Of course, the other application where you have likely seen this before is to use to catch somebody who is in a location where they do not belong. It seems that in many survivalist movies or television shows where a person may be on the run, the way that they trap those who are following them or who have come onto their property without permission is to use this kind of snare trap.

The rope is placed on the ground and extended to make as big a circle as possible. When the person steps inside the circle some kind of mechanism is triggered which causes a set of rocks or some heavy object to begin to fall down, pulling up on the rope, and causing the noose on the snare trap to quickly grip around the person’s leg, lifting them up into the air upside down.

This is one of the most commonly used kinds of snares for the capture of animals, because of how easy it is to use, especially when using wire. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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