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How to keep wild animals out of a chicken coop

There are some who really like to do all that they can to care for themselves. They grow their own garden, they provide maintenance to their vehicle, and they fix problems that occur around their home. They are do it yourself kind of people, believing that if something needs to be done it’s better to do it yourself.

One of the things that people like to do is to raise their own chickens. The benefits for this are enormous, as you not only have fresh eggs anytime you want, but you even have chicken available to you if you need. It’s truly a fantastic choice for those who like caring for these birds.

Of course, you are not the only one who would like to enjoy these animals and their eggs. There are many, such as foxes, who would think that getting into your chicken coop to get the eggs or even get a chicken would be ideal for a meal. If given the opportunity, they will gladly do so, ruining your opportunity to have the benefits of these animals. It is important to keep them away, and so here is how to keep wild animals out of a chicken coop.


It first starts with the idea of getting a rooster. While this may seem like a kind of odd protector, the truth is that these animals are incredibly protective. Roosters have been known to protect the chickens under their care against predators that are two and three times their size. If you’ve not been around a rooster, then you should be aware that these are very aggressive animals, so they can assist you in keeping others out of your coop.


Nothing keeps an animal out of your property better than offense. Around the chicken coop you should place a wire mesh that has very small openings so that air gets into the coop but no other animal is able to do so. This can really be an essential way of keeping them out.

Feeding Time

A common mistake that many people make is that they give their chickens all the feed in the morning time. Understand that many predators will enjoy this food themselves, which could attract them to the chicken coop and leave them for going after your chickens.

Also, consider that bugs and rodents are attracted to the feed as well. If they are out in your yard eating on the feed, then you can be sure that other kinds of animals are going to come around as well. While they are eating on a rat or mouse, they may find that your chicken makes for an additional treat for them to devour.

To resolve this kind of problem, give your chickens a little bit of food sporadically during the day. You may not like the extra work, but it is well worth it to ensure that your keeping predators from gaining access to your chickens. It’s simply a smart thing to do. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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