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What are the most common types of animals that live in attics?

Your home is supposed to be that special place where you can get away from it all. The spot where you close the door and shut out the rest of the world while you enjoy time with your family. This is why it has become a sort of fortress of solitude for so many people.

Sadly, you may not be the only person who believes that your home would make the ideal location to set up residence. Many different kinds of wild animals can find a person’s home to be an ideal location to create their own home, especially within the attic area.

The attic makes such a perfect location for two primary reasons. The first of these is solitude. If you think about it, the vast majority of people spend very little time in their attic area. The only time they really go in there is to store items or to retrieve something, but they don’t really spend much time in their otherwise. In addition, the items that are frequently stored there, such things as blankets, clothing, and old books, become the perfect materials for a wild animal to use as its nest.

This may make you wonder what are the most common types of animals that live in attics?

First of all, it really depends on the location where you live. Some animals are more susceptible to living in a person’s home then others are, and so this is where it is important to familiarize yourself with the wild animals of your area. That being said, there are some kinds of animals that are likely to try to get into your attic and create their own residence.

One of the most common of these are birds. While other kinds of wild animals would love to get into your attic area, they are frequently denied access because this is really 1/3 story to many homes. That is no concern to a bird at all. These animals can easily fly in to a crack, hole, or gap in the siding.

These are not the only animals that will likely set up a nest in your attic, however. A squirrel is another one that is able to work its way across your roof and down into your attic. You also may find that if you live in an area where bats are quite common that they will set up a nest, called a colony, in your attic. These are more dangerous animals because they will frequently live in large groups which can pose a serious health risk to your family.

Depending on the ability to get into your attic, you may also find such animals as raccoons, possums, rats, mice, and other kinds of rodents that will try to set up a residence within your home. Once again, it is the desire to find a place that gives them solitude and a warm place to nest that drives them toward your attic to make as their own home. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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