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Will repellents get a wild animal out of the chimney?

Having a wild animal in your chimney is never a welcome sight. Not only does it make it so that you can’t use the fireplace, but it also creates a situation that can be quite difficult to get the animal out.

There is a wild animal that is in your chimney then you want to do all that you can to get it out as quickly as possible. Not only do you have the inconvenience of not being able to use your fireplace, but you also have the concern that these animals can leave diseases that can be harmful to you and your family. Depending upon the kind of animal that you are talking about, many of them can carry such things as parasites, viruses, and bacteria, that is released in their waste. When they urinate or relieve themselves in your chimney area this can get down into your home and create serious health risks for you and your family.

The problem is that because of the way that your fireplace is designed it is not very easy to get them out. It’s not like you can simply grab them out, considering that it can be to floors from the top of your chimney to the bottom. This makes for a rather daunting task.

To try to get rid of wild animals many turn to such things as repellents to try to get these animals from out of their chimney. Because of the claims of these companies related to their repellents, it would seem that this would be a great idea on how to resolve your wild animal problem. This may make you wonder if repellents get a wild animal out of the chimney?

If the truth be told, repellents have a very limited effect in removing wild animals. That’s probably not the answer that you would like to hear, but, despite the claims of manufacturers, these products actually have limited effectiveness.

Repellents usually work their best when you are talking about using them in conjunction with something else.

What should be mentioned, however, is the fact that they can have some effect and getting wild animals to leave. They are irritants that will drive some animals from your chimney space. The problem that you face is that these repellents can either have a strong odor or have chemicals that can be poisonous or irritating. Because of where you are locating them, this can mean that these toxic or irritating fumes can come through the chimney and into your home. That will make it so that you and your family may be affected by the repellents.

While you may like to use an option like this, it may not be to your advantage to do so. Consider for the future looking for alternatives that can do the job for you just as effectively, if not more effectively, without the side effects that can come with it. You’ll be glad you chose a different option. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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