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What to do with a dead pet dog?

Your dog is one of the most valued members of your family. You care for them greatly, and they have endeared themselves to such a degree within your heart that to see them pass on is one of the most tragic things that can occur. You love this animal and you mourn for them as much is you would for any other member of your family that had passed on.

While you clearly hate to say goodbye to this beloved pet, you also understand that you can’t keep it sitting around your home. Yes, it is possible that you can have it stuffed, but most would probably see that as a bit on the creepy side. You have to choose some other option, so what do you do with a dead pet dog?

The first option is that you simply could bury it. If you have a large enough yard and it is legal for you to do so, you could simply dig a large hole in your backyard, bury your dog, cover him or her up in place some kind of marker over the top that lets everyone know that your beloved friend lay there.

That may not always be available to you, however. There may be city or county ordinances that bar you from being able to bury your dog in your yard so you have to look at other options.

One of those is that you could do the same kind of things to take care of the remains of your dog that you would do for a human being. If your mother or uncle were to pass on you have the option of either burying them in a casket or having them cremated. You can do the same thing with your dog.

There are many places that you can go to that offer cremation of your pets. They not only do the physical cremation itself, but will also provide you with an earned if you want to keep the remains for some period of time. Some people want to take those remains and have them spread out along their yard with her dog roamed, while others want to keep the remains much like they would keep their grandparents or a beloved child.

You can also go through a full style funeral. This means getting a casket for your dog, maybe even you decide to have a service, and find a burial plot where you could bury your dog. In some extreme instances there are even cemeteries that will allow you to bury your dog near the location of where you have your own burial plot. This means that you and your beloved canine can spend eternity resting right next to each other.

You hate to see your dog pass on, but you need to do something to keep its memory alive. Burial is the option that many will choose to handle the remains of their animal, it is just a question of whether you want to or can bury them in your yard or not. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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