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What is the best bait to trap a wild animal?

The term best is such a relative word. What is best for one thing is clearly not best for the other. For example, your daughter may think that the best food on earth is spaghetti, while your son may think it’s hamburgers. There is no real clear definitive answer on which is the better of the two, it is simply a matter of choice.

This is true when you’re talking about virtually anything, even when you’re discussing what would be the best bait to trap a wild animal with. While some things may work better than others, the fact of the matter is that wild animals can be different from one another, so telling you what is the very best may work for one animal but not for another.

What you have to understand before making any kind of blanket statement like this is that the kind of animal is quite important. You have to start with whether the animal is an omnivore, herbivore, or carnivore. What this basically means is if the animal is more interested in eating meat, vegetables, or both.

Take the case of a fox for instance. This animal is most interested in eating such things as eggs or meat. Therefore, if you put on the trap and egg, piece of chicken, or piece of bacon, you are likely to have a greater amount of success at capturing an animal like this. You are working towards the predatory instincts of the fox, and this allows you to be able to capture it.

If you’re wild animal is something like a squirrel, then this animal is more interested in finding things that can store and that will last for a longer period of time. Using such things as nuts can be a much better choice than virtually any other option out there. They are attracted to these, and you can use that to your advantage.

When dealing with something like a raccoon or a possum, it is important to understand that these animals will eat just about anything. In fact, the more odor there is to something the more they are enticed to want to try to get it. This can mean that using something like cheese or raw fish can be the ideal bait to trap one of these little critters.

When dealing with smaller wild animals, like rats, peanut butter is one of the very best options that you can choose. Not only are the animals attracted to it, but it is not something they can grab and run off with. They have to sit there and try to get the peanut butter off of the trap, which gives the trap time to capture or kill the little rodent.

What you can see here is that there is really no definitive answer on what is the best bait. It really does depend upon the kind of animal that you are talking about. This will help you to make a better informed decision. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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