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Do wild animals make good pets?

While most people want a cat or a dog as their pet, there are those who prefer to choose rather exotic kinds of animals to make as an additional member of their family. Some love such animals as tarantulas, snakes, and other kinds of beasts believing that they are the perfect representation of themselves.

While the vast majority of pets that people have in their home are domesticated, there are those that prefer to go a little bit wilder in terms of the animals that they choose. They want something like a crocodile, monkey, or other animal that is more dangerous and would make them stand out because they would be different than the vast majority of people who simply have a cat or a dog. This may make you wonder if wild animals actually make good pets?

The truth of the matter is that they don’t. Most may not like to hear this, but a wild animal actually poses a great health risk to you. Most of these creatures carry parasites and pathogens that can be dangerous to human beings, even if they do not scratch you or come in contact with them at all. Their feces and other bodily fluids pose a great risk to you, especially after they have dried out. These pathogens can become airborne which poses a huge risk to you, as they can attack your heart, respiratory system, and digestive system, leaving you sick and even dead.

This is not the only concern that you have, however. One of the most important words in the definition of these animals is wild. Wild means unpredictable and often also means dangerous. These animals need to use their natural instincts to be able to survive, and they see you as a threat to them even if you are the most benevolent and loving owner that one of these animals could possibly imagine having.

Understand that this is instinctual. These animals are looking to protect themselves, and they may see your attempt to cage or trap them as an attempt to harm them. This is why they will, and it needs to be reiterated that they will lash out at you. They can scratch you, bite you, and cause you severe injury that could lead to very serious consequences for you or your family.

Even if they do not lash out at you directly, they may see your cat or dog as a danger to them and attack your other pets. You may know how to handle being around one of these animals, but a cat or dog will simply see them as a threat, which could lead to a terrible disaster in your home.

As an additional thought one of the most dangerous things that people do is they get a wild animal like a monkey, crocodile, or lion and realize that they can’t care for these creatures. As a result, they simply let them go and endanger others. It is a lot safer for you to decide not to get a wild animal. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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