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What should I do with a wild animal after I catch it?

There are a few instances in a person’s life where they may find that they have captured a wild animal. Whether it is through a commercial cage that you have used to trap the animal, or the animal is simply gotten trapped in a room in your home or in the garage, you may find that there are instances where you have caught a raccoon, squirrel, fox, deer, or other kind of animal.

Your next question is what to do with this little critter? It is great that you have been able to figure out some way to capture the beast, but now you want to know what should you do with a wild animal after you catch it? This is a little more complicated of a question than you may think.

If you have placed out a commercial trap to capture something like a possum, raccoon, mole, or other kind of similar animal, then the answer to that question is pretty easy. If you carefully take the cage and move it to some other location, preferably far away from your home, you can simply open the cage and let it go. If you took a raccoon or animal like this out to some forest area, and let the animal go, you would likely find that it would survive and be able to live well there.

However, if you are talking about the fact that you have trapped an animal into a spot in your home then the problem is an entirely different story. You face some potential risks by dealing with the animal directly, and so you don’t want to try to grab a fox or a deer and try to get it out of your house. The animal may harm you by rushing you or biting you, and this can be quite dangerous to you in many ways. So, what do you do here?

There are a couple of options that are at your disposal. If you are talking about an animal that poses a health risk to you because of his aggressive nature or one that is quite large, like a deer, then it is likely that if you contact your animal control, either county or city, that they will assist you in getting rid of the animal. They understand the destruction that this animal can cause and the potential health risks and are willing to assist you in resolving the problem.

You may also try to remove the animal from your home by creating a pathway to ensure that it leaves. By using tables and furniture you can create a form of a maze that sends the animal out the front door and away from your home.

With these larger animals you should do very little in the sense of making direct contact with it. Consider that these are wild animals, which makes them dangerous. By taking measures to keep your distance from them you are ensuring for your safety. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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