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What is Goose Egg Addling?

Each year, governmental agencies across the globe try to do all that they can to keep the population of certain kinds of animals at maximum levels. In Minnesota, for example, they often allow for dear and even wolf hunting to ensure that the numbers of these animals don’t exceed a certain number. This may seem like a completely unnecessary measure, but the fact remains that if these animals are allowed to increase in numbers beyond that which is set by the agency, it can lead to starvation, a rapid spread of disease, and eventually a greater decrease in the population because of these factors. It may not seem like it, but it is actually a measure intended to protect the survival of the species.

In Canada, there is a practice that they have instituted to try to control the population of the Canadian geese as well as other bird species. This is known as “goose egg addling.”

It is likely that that term means absolutely nothing to you, but it is really nothing more than the temporary removal of fertilized eggs from the nest. During this time, the eggs are tested for embryo development, and eggs can even be terminated during this period.

At the end of the process, the scientist or government representative returns the egg back to the nest. It should be noted that even the eggs where the embryo has been terminated are returned to the nest. The reason behind this is simple.

By returning the egg back to the nest, it makes the Mother Goose believe that the egg is still in the developmental process. If the mother did not believe so, then it would be likely that she would return to the reproductive instincts, thus laying new eggs. This would mean that they would not be a decrease in population because the mother would continue to develop new eggs. This is why they are not smashed or simply taken and not returned.

What scientists have determined is that this process is much more humane than simply destroying the embryo without returning the egg to the nest. This misleading process still gives the mother goose a feeling like she is continuing to care for her future young, even if they will not actually be hatching.

What has been found is that by using this process instead of allowing for extended hunting periods has actually provided or more humane way to control the keys population of the country. Prior to this process, the government had allowed for an extended period during the hunting seasons which actually proved to provide lesser results than what the government needed to control these populations.

The important part to make this process work is that eggs must be processed and returned without drawing the suspicion of the goose. If there is any kind of change in the way that the egg smell or appear, then she will be wise to that and the process would be a complete failure. This is why the greatest of care needs to be taken for success. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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