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Do mothballs or ammonia help repel wild animals?

Repellents have become a popular way to try to get wild animals out of your house or away from your property. There are many different commercial brands that you can buy that attest to the fact that they can successfully keep these beasts away, ensuring that you feel more secure within your home.

Many are skeptical of these claims, however, and prefer to try to find alternative means to be able to successfully rid themselves of such wild animals as possums, raccoons, skunks, and other kinds of wild beasts. They go online to look and see if there are products that can do the job without them having to buy some kind of commercial product to do the job for them.

One of the most common options that you will see discussed on the Internet is the use of ammonia or mothballs to keep wild animals away. There are many that absolutely swear that this will work without a doubt, rating you have your wild animal problem. This may make you question if mothballs or ammonia actually help repel wild animals?

When you look at the science behind it, it would seem that either one of these would be a perfect remedy for ridding yourself of this wild animal issue. Both of these products contain compounds that can be incredibly irritating to any animal that came in contact with them. For those who have used pure ammonia to clean their home, they are well aware of how putrid this product can smell. It’s not a surprise that this can be used to effectively clean bacteria and viruses. It wouldn’t be surprising if the smell alone did the job and ridding them from your toilet or table.

Mothballs can have the same kind of effect. They are very strong in terms of odor and so they can be an extremely means for keeping insects like moths away from your clothing while they are being stored are kept in your closet.

It would seem because of ideas like this that using either one of these products would be an effective means to deter a wild animal from coming onto your property, but the fact of the matter is that they don’t. Mothballs can be quite expensive to purchase, and it would literally take thousands of them to be able to successfully try to deter a wild animal from coming onto your land. The problem arises that as it rains or over a short duration of time the mothballs will deteriorate in your remedy will be gone. Plus, the chemicals in the mothballs will seep into the soil which can endanger your land.

The same is true of ammonia. Ammonia is a poison to many things, including your plants. By using this along the soil of your home, you are actually doing more damage to your property than any wild animal can do. In addition, some wild animals may find the use of mothballs or ammonia as an irritant, making them even more aggressive. That’s the last thing you need when you are talking about a snake or a skunk. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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