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What is Canine Distemper?

We love our pets. That is especially true of dogs. Dogs are some of the most important parts of the lives of people everywhere around the globe, because they are not only fantastic friends, but because they bring incredible joy to the lives of those who own them. They are truly a remarkable part of the world.

While we love these animals so much, the fact remains that they faced their own kinds of health challenges. There are diseases that canines can get, and this cannot only make them sick but pose problems for you and your family as well.

One of the most common diseases that are quite common with dogs is canine distemper. Distemper is a disease that is not only found in dogs, but also in coyotes, raccoons, ferrets, pandas, and large cats. This viral infection is often hard to treat because it is resistant to many of the antibiotics that are available because of it being a viral infection. This may make you wonder what is canine distemper is exactly?

This disease, which is spread through bodily fluids, such as through sneezing, urine, or feces. What’s contracted, it takes anywhere from 6 to 22 days for the virus to spread and take hold within its host animal. This is when the symptoms will start to appear, as the virus will attack such places as the lymph nodes, skin, and nervous tissues. In no time, it will and spread to the respiratory, gastrointestinal track, and urogenital area, where it can lead to some very serious symptoms that are life-threatening to the animal.

What you will first notice in the dog is that it will have a fever, a runny nose, and discharge coming from its eyes. In no time, the dog will find it unpalatable to eat, and will be quite lethargic. The disease will usually lead to a thickening in the footpad area of the animals and eventually vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, and excessive amount of saliva will abound. The dog will lose weight and eventually can die.

It is the neurological symptoms that can become quite severe and disturbing for owners. You may see seizures that will occur often, and the pet will go through a period of what is referred to as “chewing gum fits.” During this time, the dog will continually bite as if it is chewing a piece of gum, even though nothing is in its mouth at all. It can be quite annoying for the animal and its owner.

Unfortunately, there is no real treatment for this virus. It either has to run its course, where you were doing all you can to aid in the health of the animal, often meaning that it receives an IV, but there is no definitive way to defeat it. You simply have to give the dog as much tender loving care as possible and hope that it is strong enough to be able to fight off the illness on its own. If it is not, then death is always imminent. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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