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How to Keep Skunks Out of Your Yard

How To Get Skunks Out Of Your Yard
Skunks are animals that are notorious for the pungent scent that they can release when they are threatened, and it is said that this can be smelled up to a mile away. Although this is one of the biggest problems for those who do find skunks visiting their yard, they can also carry diseases which can be transmitted to domestic pets, and can also damage the yard. Skunks will often be attracted to the yard by the good foraging available or the fact that there is garbage that they will be able to scavenge through.

Problems In Dealing With Skunks In Your Yard
One of the biggest problems in dealing with skunks in your yard is that they will spray their scent if they are trapped or if they are approached by a human. For this reason most people will prefer an exclusion or deterrent rather than using trapping the animals as a solution, as this may reduce the chances of the skunk spraying its scent. Read here for how to remove skunk smell from clothes or car.

However, for those who have a single skunk returning repeatedly to their yard, there can be no option but to trap the animal, and in this case there are some precautions that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of the skunk spraying its scent. It is very unlikely that a skunk will actually dig a burrow in your yard, as they are naturally wary of human contact and will look to avoid any areas where people are nearby.

Measures To Reduce The Attractiveness Of Your Yard To Skunks
One of the main attractions that will draw a skunk to a yard will be the smell of food scraps and other garbage, and the mess they can cause when they gain access to garbage bags can be significant. This is why one of the most important things you can do is to make sure that they cannot gain access to any garbage in your yard. If you have a garage or secure shed then keeping the garbage in there can help, but using a garbage can with a tight lid will help to reduce the smell that will emanate from the garbage.

Skunks will often get into a domestic yard by digging under a fence, so having an exclusion fence which is embedded around twelve inches into the ground will certainly be a big help.

Trapping And Removing Skunks
The majority of traps that are suitable for catching skunks will be cage traps, because they are large enough to contain the animals until they are removed by the trapper. There are lethal traps available but the body grip traps can be quite dangerous, and will often kill domestic pets and cats rather than the skunk which has been targeted. Snares can also be used, but the skunk will often take some time to die, and is likely to release its scent a number of times during this period.

For those who can ensure that they don’t allow any domestic pets access to the trap, the best bait will be meaty cat food, and this will often catch the skunk quite quickly. Once you see that the trap has been successful, the most important thing to do is to ensure that you aren’t sprayed by the skunk. This is why it is best to have a large damped towel or blanket that you can throw over the trap, and you should approach from an angle that makes it difficult for the skunk to see you. Once the trap is covered, move into a vehicle, preferably a flatbed truck and take the skunk at least five miles away from your property before releasing it.

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